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2013年8月22日 星期四

Brown rice weight loss methods

Brown rice diet
Brown rice, brown rice diet, weight loss, weight loss methods
In Taiwan, brown rice seems to have pop up. In fact, eating brown rice, for a considerable emphasis in terms of the Japanese diet, brown rice can be said that their national health food, many home appliance industry has even offered to cook brown rice cooker models.

What brown rice nutrition? You can lose weight eating brown rice really do?

1 brown rice over white rice GI value rise in blood sugar low GI values ​​represent the speed, GI value the higher the blood sugar rise faster. The body in the blood glucose level will rise after eating, about thirty to sixty minutes after reaching saturation, then the body will secrete insulin allows cells to absorb sugar, so the blood sugar level will go down. If there is no absorption of sugar consumed, it will accumulate into fat, the consequent obesity. Generally, we eat rice GI value is 81, if the change to eat brown rice (GI value 63), the elevated blood sugar is not easy to reduce the amount of cellular uptake can naturally achieve weight loss results.

(2) contains a lot of dietary fiber in brown rice, brown rice is rice had not been refined and therefore does not have brown rice retains the bran layer and germ layer, which is part of it contains a lot of dietary fiber to help lose weight. This brown rice is a non-water-soluble dietary fiber, and swelling in the intestines will absorb moisture and thus stimulate the gastrointestinal motility, constipation and promote metabolism; simultaneously during meals, as brown rice dietary fiber hard, you need to go more to chew swallow, The increase in the number of chewing brown rice, can easily meet satiety, so would not want to eat it.

3 brown rice rich in vitamins and minerals, B vitamins and brown rice containing mainly C; B1, B2, B6, B12, etc.; brown rice in B vitamins can improve energy metabolism, consume sugar and fat; brown rice consisting of vitamin C prevents cellular lipid acidification, has anti-aging effect.
Brown rice is often recommended healthy diet food, diet for weight loss, a person does not get balanced nutrition, brown rice is indispensable nutrients.

Compared to white rice, brown rice has twice the mineral content, such as strengthening the bones of calcium, magnesium enhance sugar metabolic rate, and improving physical function in potassium, etc., each of which is to improve slimming elements.
Although brown rice slimming method is very simple, but it must be a long war, have perseverance to execute it.

The meals are replaced with brown rice the staple food, the rest of the diet is cf normal amount, you can have weight loss, the most important thing is to eat brown rice a month or more.
Although brown rice better than many weight loss products available in the market more quickly, but brown rice is to improve physical fitness, improve metabolism is the prerequisite for healthy way to lose weight and eat brown rice is not easy to regain weight.
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