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2013年8月22日 星期四

bathing weight loss methods

Weight loss, slimming bathing, bathing weight loss methods

A shower nozzle to lose weight
With strong water spray nozzle in various parts of the body, especially where there is cellulite massage constantly flushing. Note that flushing massage away from the heart of the site from the beginning.

2 Rinse the abdomen clockwise

3 abdomen, the abdomen in a clockwise direction of rotation distance and near flush, if you can maintain the flow when the strong weak is the best.

Four legs, bend the nozzle against the leg, from bottom to top punch; alternately flushing massage legs alternately repeated several times.

5 rubbed Diet
Rub can be medicinal properties, but also to eliminate excess fat. First soaked, then, with a rich foam bath foam rub. Do not use excessive force to avoid damage to the skin.

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  1. Massage is also good for weight loss. With green tea, green coffee you can take massage also. It increases the speed of weight loss.

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