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2013年8月26日 星期一

Tea weight loss - weight loss methods

Diet, nutrition weight loss tea weight loss, weight loss methods

Slimming tea

Features: The most convenient and easiest way to lose weight.

Reason: many natural plants including tea, are more or less lose weight, although weight loss is not so obvious, but long-term adherence, self help. Particularly suitable for use as an auxiliary way to lose weight ...

1-2 hours every day after lunch, drink a cup of tea can help lose weight regimen. Drink a cup of oolong or green tea can metabolize 40 calories,
Equal to brisk walking for 15 minutes, while Eucommia has the effect of promoting metabolism, tea equals free to help you do exercise.

In particular, the modern day wrestling and computer, you really want to drink tea, a variety of tea you can! When you sit in front of the computer,
May wish to take a cup of tea, drink it whenever you have a few mouthfuls, not only to prevent radiation hazards, but also Shuhuojingu, eliminate fatigue
And fatigue, the health cultivation methods.

】 【Tea season

Tea season: Which should you drink tea to lose weight?

As for what to drink tea can be like to eat fruit, can vary with the seasons transform. As the saying goes: "spring to drink tea,
Summer drink green tea, winter drink black tea, oolong tea to drink throughout the year. "In the winter, you can choose to drink Tie Guan Yin (oolong tea belongs
Valuable species), or choose to drink tea regimen.

Health in accordance with the words of the four seasons, autumn tea, Tie Guan Yin is the most suitable for fall this season to drink, especially cooked Pu'er tea
Tea suitable for winter consumption. Winter in the cold, cold pathogen very hot season, the body's physiological functions subsided, the body yang
Gas diminuendo. This time nothing more than to be warm warm.

Cooked Pu'er tea of ​​protein-rich, with a tonic effect, can raise the body yang, but also enhance the body's resistance to cold,
Aid digestion, to greasy. So easy to drink tea regimen recommended in winter!

Finally, according to personal life situations and see for yourself what kind of card it suitable for practitioners!

Object】 【tea

Pu'er tea:
Slimming beauty.

Oolong tea:
(A) cholesterol is too high, the number of people with high cholesterol.
(2) a person addicted to eat meat, carnivorous animals who do not eat meat [one day people will feel in a trance]
(3) regular exercise, or a large amount of manual laborers who work.
(4) after exercise person.
(5) slimming beauty.

Black tea:
(A) exercise great people, regular exercise, or a large amount of manual laborers who work.
(2) physical exertion and more people.
(3) people who want to live longer.

Green Tea:
(A) the amount of exercise and labor less people, sedentary, people usually do not do sports.
(2) drug addicts, alcoholics, alcohol and tobacco leave their hands of people.
(3) require frequent riding a motorcycle, or often by dirty air poisoned person.
(4) cholesterol is too high, the number of people with high cholesterol, lowering blood pressure would prevent arteriosclerosis.
(5) working pressure greater.
(6) cancer.
(7) to lose weight.

Note: Various commercially available slimming tea, usually contain vent pills, weight loss mechanism to vent mainly undesirable.

Diet, nutrition weight loss tea weight loss, weight loss methods -->

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