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2013年8月25日 星期日

Focus on four major postpartum weight loss success

Weight loss, weight loss focus, successful weight loss

1 set goals with incentives, with a very strong heart, believe in yourself to do so!

(2) start with the attitude of the amount of weight on the start!

If you can Tiangou an electronic body fat weight machine is very important, if limited budget can also be measured regularly at the drug store,

The amount of body weight per day is best to get up to pee in the case of thin clothing after measurement, not one day up to and fro in the amount of weight machines,

This did not help to lose weight, would seriously worry about the outcome, the last three days drying nets, do not want to lose weight!

Please try to weight the data as a reference, not to be unduly influenced weight figures in the mood to lose weight,

Body fat measured once a week, and recorded in the diet because of physiological quadrant sometimes cause weight gain,

But what is unseen is fat, increase muscle weight sometimes, sometimes the weight of water, to observe himself in the mirror,

And wear old clothes from a loose degree to observe their size, the weight is too important figures, often failed to lose weight mine Oh! Be careful ~!

3 is thinner yourself Shuibao first step!

"My God ~ ~ ~ What is Shuibao? ! To a postpartum mother slept too difficult one!

Postpartum mothers slept almost no chance, but also to go to bed early beauty sleep, how likely? ! "

Do not get excited, drink a glass of water to calm down Listen to me, I was quick to mark one-year-old began to have the opportunity to have slept eight hours,

I found that as long as I have slept 7-8 hours, the day the amount of light weight will drop some more, oh! Slept and saw light in weight reduction,

Simply fun to fly, but I also found that even diet control, even if the day in sports, as long as no Shuibao day weight

Is unchanged or significantly increased a few tenths of a kilogram choke! Shuibao really important, when his mother did not control points after falling asleep,

But as far as looking for opportunities to have slept, slept each person's time is not necessarily, 5-9 hours a day, this part should look at their own research,

Observe their body considered slept a few hours to sleep, how to sleep, I lose weight then focus coming:

@ Turn off the lights to sleep, melatonin secretion helps!

@ Large fonts supine body relax, close your eyes and think that they will use both thin abdominal breathing to sleep!

(Slowly inhale belly bulging nose, mouth and then slowly exhale, do not control the length of time, in their own way like the most comfortable.)


4 learned how to drink more water is thinner second step!

Obesity is almost impossible during my drinking, less than a day to drink 300cc of water, all with drinks to quench thirst, too unhealthy me!

I started to lose weight requirement forced to drink their own one day 3000cc of water, has bought a large bottle, drinking a good habit to develop their own convenience,

After a day of water increases, the natural beverage will quit, stomach simply no way to bottled drinks, ah ~ ~ ~

Just started actually will drink more thirsty, to say how else? Then think about the body should be thirsty too long now! Time enough,

Thought of this before it really should abuse his body felt, had forced himself to drink more water, about a month after so quickly develop a good habit to drink water,

Naturally do not want to drink of it! Drink plenty of water may help metabolic waste from the body, weight loss is very important!

Focus on coming to drink:

@ Morning fasting can drink 300-500cc of honey water, constipation great help!

(I was about to lose weight initially drink honey water does not have constipation problem a month later, after a not drink honey water.)

@ Drink lemonade, squeeze fresh lemon juice a 2000cc added in an amount of water can be adjusted easily thin alkaline!

(Lemon when it is cheaper to buy, no special look, all revel.)

@ Breath Do not drink more than 300cc of water to drink in batches, not fierce irrigation!

@ Grasp a good time to drink water before meals with exercise, a kettle can carry is very important!

@ I like to drink mineral water, mineral supplements for weight loss can also help!

@ The amount of water each person is different, and some heart or kidney or liver disease, such as patients with daily water intake needs doctor's instructions Oh!

@ I almost do not drink fruit juice in the diet with sugary drinks.

@ Accustomed to only drink water all day breastfeeding mothers can drink "South Africa Rooibos" decaffeinated, breast-feeding can also help it!

Weight loss, weight loss focus, successful weight loss

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