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2013年8月25日 星期日

Curry slimming method introduced

Heard it right! Delicious curry can also lose weight oh!

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Delicious curry, with excellent weight loss. Curry ingredient helps the body burn calories, weight control, prevention of obesity.
Malaysia is rich in turmeric root, this spice is the main component of curry, growing wild in the jungles of Malaysia. Turmeric is one of the main components of a substance called curcumin, this is a powerful fat fighter. The latest from the Boston Tufts University study found that mice fed a high-fat diet containing a small amount of curcumin, their body weight and body fat than the other has a similar diet, but do not add turmeric to lower body weight in mice, less body fat . The researchers believe that turmeric curcumin because of its rich, can inhibit the growth of fat tissue, achieve excellent weight loss. Therefore, proper cooking may wish to put some turmeric powder. Diet food - turmeric diet

Curry weight loss principles - Curry increase metabolism

Curry is a hodgepodge of many, many kinds of spices, but also according to the different origin and slightly different. But ultimately, no doubt a few basic weight loss ingredients: ginger, pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, mustard, cloves, Zi Ran, octagonal, etc. Headed by Jiang, can effectively promote blood circulation and metabolism rate. Enhanced metabolism is very important, is the weight-loss diet killer. (Increase metabolism three methods)

Curry control insulin secretion
Has long been clinically proven that eating curry can reduce the secretion of insulin after a meal to control blood sugar, energy consumption increased, while reducing fat deposition. Reduce fat deposition, but to accelerate energy metabolism, hale and hearty you then add the right amount of "labor", is it the best opportunity to lose weight. Eat the same amount of food, you eat curry than those who do not eat curry thinner. Haha, this is also the reason India is full of lean right. But the premise is, do not eat curry very well with rice because of increased food intake, oh. Turmeric diet

Curry avoid increasing the amount of food staples
Curry potatoes, curry with rice. Curry Xinxiang Rong Yi people unknowingly eating too much food. Therefore, pay special attention to this aspect, the control starch intake. Curry with vegetables and curry with meat is a better choice.
Control while eating too much oil

Pure is pure spices like curry powder, salt (salt intake to lose weight enemy) Few, very few calories. But the "oil curry" or put too much oil when cooking. This meal is not a small amount of heat. Recommend everyone to eat curry hot pot, homemade curry meal time, buy a thick curry powder, rather than synthetic curry curry content of less mass. Often eat curry, 2 or 3 times a week, and in the heat without adding other cases, it can promote weight loss. In addition, usually put some curry powder and cook in the seasoning is good
Weight loss methods, weight loss, weight loss curry, curry diet recipes, weight loss recipes


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