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2013年8月30日 星期五

Meridian weight loss method

Ways to lose weight , lose weight, lose weight meridian
NO1. Sleep first : go to bed before 23:00 every day .
NO2. Improve blood : knock gall bladder meridian weight basis .
NO3. Healthy Eating : Brunch normally eat dinner eat .
NO4. Healthy exercise : exercise at least half an hour a day , activation meridian bones.
NO5. Cheerful mood: good mood , maintain a normal body metabolism.
In the comic world of Dragon Ball , the level of fighting is to determine whether they can defeat the villain protagonist key ; while in the world of weight loss , blood level , is to determine if you can successfully eliminate fat key ! We must first make enough blood !

Lose weight and have a great relationship of human blood

Our body's blood , the first will be used to repair damaged organs function , followed by the will to rid the body of excess waste . Why ? Because the temporary accumulation of fat in your body , do not have life-threatening ( especially in the lower body heap ) , but if it is long-term organ damage , and that a large section of the Chronicles on .

The biggest and blood relations , is sleep . If you stay up late one day , or lack of sleep, the next day some poor mental , physical Xu Xu . That day no matter how you exercise diet , often found ineffective weight loss , weight stagnant foot circumference does not change, even fatter !

This is because your lack of sleep, lack of blood on ; lack of blood , then the body because you stay up all night to repair damaged organs are too late , how to exclude unwanted blood garbage ? Therefore , the body simply can not bird you plan to lose weight , and this time , not only difficult to lose weight, but more vulnerable to the accumulation of garbage .

It's like when we are playing on the computer , each computer has memory , some just 1024KB, some 2MB, 4MB or higher. But no matter how much memory your computer is still the same process .

Important work will give priority to occupy memory , such as " organ of the body maintain and repair" this is very memory-intensive up ; And your work stress management classes , this will take up memory ; As for the " excess fat decomposition and exclusion " the computer as unimportant work , until finally there is extra memory before processing .

Therefore, the human body in particular fatigue , the most important thing is to quickly get a good sleep , let your "Memory " returned to normal . At this point do not force yourself to exercise , because the movement will not have any effect, because not enough blood can not remove fat ( after 9:00 pm should not exercise, the body was about to break ) ; not greedy , because when tired to eat,
More likely to become fat because lack of blood can not digest these things.
Ways to lose weight , lose weight, lose weight meridian -->

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