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2014年4月26日 星期六

Paleo Diet- Paleolithic diet weight loss method Paleo Diet

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AMAZON TOP 1 bestseller list as primitive eat the most healthy !
Paleolithic diet, 30 days to change your life !

‧ efforts movement , as home to sleep
‧ more meat , you will be better than it is now !
‧ make you fat , not fat
‧ whole grains , macrobiotic diet completely unable to make you healthier
‧ gastrointestinal disease from cereals, legumes and dairy products

Paleolithic diet 30 days ‧ ‧ Delicious Easy Recipes transformation plan
‧ buy good food guide
‧ fitness training exercise Detailed graphics
‧ track your Paleolithic new life : health status assessment criteria

Because the parents of poor health , Robert ‧ Wolf from the urine on fitness and nutrition focused and full of enthusiasm .

Powerlifting teens get the state championship game with a 6-0 success Amateur Sanda has biochemistry diploma , and bent into the School of Medicine. But a vegetarian diet and life experience, so Robert 's very pretty poor state of health . Just a few years , he 's 81 kg athlete from robust physique , fell slim 63 kg . Edema , exhaust, gastrointestinal discomfort is a common practice , only 26 years old suffering from high blood pressure ( 140 / 95 ) , high triglycerides ( over 300 ) , ...... abnormal cholesterol levels .

Yes, he had more unhealthy than most of us .

Until he discovered Paleolithic diet ! Our primitive ancestors against eating meat , seafood , nuts , seeds , seasonal fruits and vegetables , health status actually surprisingly good !

Only six weeks , Robert blood pressure decreased rapidly to 115 / 60 , more than 300 from the triglycerides to 50 !
Today, Robert is already the world's most people named Powerlifting and fitness coach.

" Paleolithic health law" is Robert the ancient human hunter-gatherers as anthropological knowledge , combined with genetics , biochemistry , immunology and longevity research the latest, most sophisticated found most suitable for integration into a busy modern people 's healthy eating rules.

This book will tell you:
‧ How to lose excess weight and fat in a short time
‧ Paleolithic diet how to improve cancer patients , patients with diabetes , heart disease and autoimmune disease patient's health
‧ How to improve quality of sleep ? Why poor sleep quality will make people fat rises , ran spare tire on the stomach ?
‧ simple food which can significantly improve your appearance and health, so that becomes color and feel younger ?
‧ why we cognition of healthy food actually harmful ?
‧ how to improve your physical performance ?

" Paleolithic health law" is a comprehensive health plan .

Weight loss , diet , Paleo Diet, Paleo, Diet -->

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