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2014年4月25日 星期五

Weight Loss Efficiency - 6 big taboo avoid slowing weight loss efficiency

Weight Loss Efficiency - 6 big taboo avoid slowing weight loss efficiency

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◆ taboo one : breakfast too
Daily breakfast just solve , especially ate buttered toast with black coffee , weight loss is definitely a disservice .

This is not just because of the importance of breakfast , breakfast if the lack of protein , weight loss will have a bad effect . Protein helps suppress appetite, increase satiety , so you would not be in before lunch and eat a few biscuits .
◆ Taboo two : the lack of " anaerobic "
Only jogging, swimming, aerobics, although can burn fat , but if the lack of training anaerobic exercise , weight loss efficiency will deteriorate. Because anaerobic exercise such as weight training and the like, can increase muscle mass and enhance basal metabolic rate , so to lose weight more efficiently.

◆ Taboo three : start weight training , but only using a lighter weight
Many girls know the importance of anaerobic exercise , the willingness to leave the treadmill in the gym , bicycle machine, and move towards re- training machines and dumbbells , but because of fear trained sturdy frame , but only willing to use a lighter weight. In fact, the girls have to train like a bodybuilder like big muscles , are to go through a very rigorous training and diet control before they can reach . So do not be afraid or three times a week training will become burly " bear woman " , and the staff can be a gym on-site consultation for their own weight , and it is not beyond their scope can load .
◆ Taboo IV: do not eat before exercise
Some people think that fasting exercise can burn more calories , but in fact the opposite . University of Arkansas (University of Arkansas) research indicates that girls eat before exercise under the high-protein diet, moderate exercise and then 30 minutes , calories consumed compared to fasting multi- sport girls .

◆ taboo five : your weight loss plan does comrades
According to a study of the American Journal of Medicine (American Journal of Medicine) , showed that the weight loss and weight loss alone alone have comrades By contrast, the former in the same time , under the weight reduction will be greater . This is because people have inertia, if there is one person work together to spur each other , a natural weight loss program will be easier to continue.
◆ Taboo VI: too much pressure
According to the University of Kentucky (University of Kentucky) conducted an experiment , the researchers will study subjects were divided into two groups, the first group told how a healthy diet , and control their diet , the second group in addition to dietary recommendations , also told how manage stress , methods of relieving stress , seven weeks after the first set of the magnitude of weight loss is not obvious , but the second group ate the same food , the average has dropped 17 pounds ( about 7.7 kg ) . So learn to release stress , avoid anxiety , never emotional eating, weight loss can make efficiency gains .

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