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2014年4月25日 星期五

Kiwi weight loss - weight loss methods kiwi

Kiwi weight loss - weight loss methods kiwi Diet, kiwi lose weight, lose weight, lose weight kiwi Kiwi has long been not only lose weight clergyman as stir-fried, or a big miracle: "the highest density of kiwi fruit nutrition, eating two kiwifruit a day can add the body of acidic calcium kiwi can promote gastrointestinal motility and reduce flatulence. Kiwi can improve sleep quality, and rich in vitamin C, a kiwi contained vitamin C, there eighty-seven milligrams. " Kiwi eat meals to eat two to three typical day would be enough. Eighty percent of kiwi peel nutrition part, but a lot of kiwi skin hair, how to eat?

 Find a new kitchen sink with a scouring pad, the surface is very rough kind, you can rub the hair on the skin scraped off. After shaving with two kiwi, plus less than half a glass of water, placed in a blender whipped skin, immediately drink a small mouth, put a long drink will oxidize. Best before eating breakfast, taken directly from the refrigerator is too cold, first in warm water about. However, this would eat the pulp fibers Chelan impact it helps bowel function, so if the taste is never too bad, just after eating directly to the hair on the right. Kiwi: The most natural vitamin C pills, meet on the 1st of vitamin C.

 1 nutritious: it is the highest nutrient density king of fruits. 2 beautify the skin: two kiwi to meet the daily requirement of vitamin C. (3) protect the bones: Calcium is Apple sixfold, to prevent osteoporosis. 4 eliminate edema: rich in potassium, can prevent leg edema. 5 help digestion: accelerating the decomposition of fatty acids, avoiding excess fat so that the legs thicker. 6 improve constipation: contains dietary fiber, can stimulate gastrointestinal motility promote defecation. 7 weight control: a kiwi before meals, can effectively help control weight. 8 Help Weight Loss: contains can promote metabolism, break down excess body fat "carnitine."

 According to the North American dietary reference intake, the recommended daily intake of at least 90 mg of vitamin C, up to 2000 mg. So eat one to two kiwifruit a day can meet the required day of vitamin C. Look on the card that Fluffy fruit, is one of the most natural and effective vitamin C pills. Eat kiwi skin is not only good for beauty, but also help you lose weight oh ~ ~ ~

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