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2011年8月2日 星期二

Elva weight loss

Elva weight loss
Elva way to lose weight is not an ordinary girl to take the dieting, "I can not eat without teeth, hungry for me, is simply inconceivable." Elva can not imagine to be hungry to lose weight, dizziness, because she not only more than a day meal, also eat high calories of fast food, plus fruit, dessert. She admitted that he is a very greedy person, "I do not even middle of the night often unable to go hungry, but also a big taboo to eat to lose weight --- 'supper'."

Hard to eat a little exaggeration, Elva will use a more stringent fitness training methods, to make you thin. "Fortunately, I had had the habit of fitness, coupled with the mother's tonic, even if not unhealthy thin." Elva confessed, laughing their way to lose weight. Elva has always maintained that weight loss does not mean can not eat, but eat right thing, "in addition to ordinary vegetables, fruits, I recommend you eat more milk. I grew up my mother requirements must drink two glasses of water after drinking after completing drink a large glass of milk, sometimes milk Banzhe bird's nest drink, when I feel bored. "Elva grew up after the mother's intention to understand, because her milk white skin and bird's nest, and every morning It also made her two cups of water to the toilet very "smooth", the plot does not poison the body, causing the body edema.
Note in addition to eating more teens began to fitness Elva, she develop the habit of focusing on the body lines. She entered the gym, usually start and a 45-minute treadmill, then do Pulldown, of course, the accumulation of fat girls most likely to pay attention to the lower abdomen, then lower abdominal muscle training and must be one item. Elva also stressed: "All movement is usually done, I will pulling the body of the tendon, Oh this step is very important, otherwise the legs will be thicker, will become the hard muscle of a mound, it is difficult to see one so difficult to imagine Elva one pair of white and straight legs of the origin.
Elva perseverance is the best weapon to maintain the body, even too busy to the gym, she will sit-ups every day before going to bed, "My greatest wish is that we can train the same body lines as Madonna, However, a smaller size than Madonna, or too burly 1 Elva says with a laugh.

Elva will bubble almost every day usually in the gym two or three hours, "was studying in Canada, there's emphasis on girls boys overall body lines, not only pay attention to where the boys around big girls on the ramp. Elva face handsome, smooth body lines, this is by eating, so that training, before they get it! Therefore, we also do not envy the stars bright light stand, or quickly start real training now!