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2011年8月2日 星期二

5 best way to lose weight

5 best way to lose weight
1 fixed exercise:
Fixed exercise 3-5 times a week, after reducing body fat, lose weight, increase muscle, a good way to make energy. Running, 5 times a week, every 45 minutes, the speed of 170 meters per minute, in 3 months by 10 pounds; dancing 6 times a week, each 1 hour in 4 months 10 pounds ; swimming, 4 hours per week in 4 months 10 pounds; cycling, 4 times a week, every hour, the speed of 15 kilometers per hour, in 5 months, 10 pounds. If you have not been regular exercise, start to do less to prevent bodily harm. Excessive exercise, will increase the appetite, so reach weight loss goals.

2 Strength training:
Strength training can build muscle. The more muscle, the faster the metabolism. 3 times a week 45 minutes of weight training, in 10 months by 10 pounds. To avoid hurt the body, the coach should be invited to help select the appropriate weight and the development of appropriate exercise program. Do stretching exercises before and after exercise to maintain the body's flexibility, weight lifting weight and frequency can be gradually increased.

3 to reduce caloric intake combined with a walk:
With soda water instead of Coca-Cola, a small daily intake of 150 kilocalories. Taking into 5 times a week, every 45 minutes walk of five kilometers, in three months can be reduced by 10 pounds. If we lower the heat a bit more, still keeping the walks, in seven weeks may be reduced by 10 pounds.

4 to reduce fat intake combined with weight lifting:
This method can consume excess body fat, maintain a good size, muscle growth, speed up the metabolism, promote cardiovascular health. Eat 20 grams of fat per day, lifting weights for 20 minutes, 3 times a week, in three and a half months by 10 pounds.

5 Best choice:
Based on the above nine kinds of methods to develop a progressive and able to ensure the implementation of the plan, the best combination of programs to control the fat intake, exercise and strength training. As long as confidence and perseverance to do it, we will be able to lose weight, build muscle, promote cardiovascular health and body metabolism purposes. 100 kcal per day to reduce calorie intake, walking three times a week, every 30 minutes walk three kilometers, weight training 2 times a week, every 40 minutes. This combination can be reduced in five months, 10 pounds. Will start to do three methods combined, may not adapt, we might try to gradually increase. For example, a way to add a way to do it. Be patient, do not rush.

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