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2011年8月2日 星期二

Weight loss - weight-loss method to lose weight slowly

Rapid weight loss is caused by another problem: fat again.

Mayo Medical Center, published by the "healthy weight" pointed out, there is a lot to promote quick and easy diet, if you adopt the diet, the effect may soon, but the end of this diet, will soon be fat back. Vicious cycle, not only to strengthen their faith destined obesity, but also failed to develop the habit of maintaining a healthy weight.

Feasible plan to slowly gain weight at the end. United States,

 "National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases," that whether you Xiangshou a few kilograms, achievable goals and a slow approach to the real weight loss and weight maintenance. "You should set a target of 2 to 4 kilograms a month," "idiot Diet" by Lin Sile (Carol Ann Rinzler) said, that is, week and a half kilograms. Lin Sile said "slow and steady" weight loss method as "a small amount of weight loss slowly theory (Little Things Theory of Dieting)", the idea is to maintain slow and steady way to lose weight, reduce the heat slowly and less to you almost do not feel the heat in the cut, "When I do not feel hungry, do not think the weight loss," Lin Sile said.

Slowly, it may contain a variety of food to create a balanced diet, nutritionists New Zealand is special (Jackie Newgent) said. In Japan, the "slow weight loss" is popular, slow weight loss web site click rate hit 2.5 million, and later even publishing a book. "Slow weight loss" from eating way, ingredients, preparations advice: eat eat a method from the beginning

The so-called fat is excessive intake of calories.

 If "moderate" intake, not fat. How to find their own "moderate"? Start eating a start. Eat one, not much different on mood, will not have a strong sense of deprivation, but in actual sense, it means not too much. If you have can adapt to the next meal, then eat one, eat slowly, you can gradually find their own "moderate."

Careful chewing, eating slowly would lose weight is the most basic principles. This brain activity. Hormone called leptin to stimulate the central nervous 20 minutes or so, people tend to eat fast not feel full, has been eating too much. And slowly is the "slow food" one of the spirit, by eating slowly can rediscover their taste. Chew out the original flavor of the food has not been found, not by the surrounding environment, eat their own flavor.
Whole grain ingredients
Brown rice, grain rice, whole grains of rice or flour can not ponder over the food, you can even eat through the delicious ponder over. If you are not accustomed to the taste, you can first half of the white rice, brown rice or half rice grain.
Slow weight loss is the most soy is not the lack of class. Soy can lower cholesterol, but also of plant estrogen, can increase bone density, but also the prevention of menopausal disorders. Beans are also appreciative of the food can be one.
If the focus of the Mediterranean diet is olive oil, the Japanese macrobiotic diet is the focus of algae. Algae low in calories and rich in soluble fiber, lose weight for the enemy - ─ constipation, very effective. Moreover, increased basal metabolic rate needs trace minerals, seaweed where there is adequate trace minerals such as zinc, manganese, selenium and so on.
Deep-sea fish
Fish oil can reduce blood cholesterol, is rich in deep-sea fish in histidine (histidine), can inhibit the brain's appetite.
Mushrooms, lilies, shrimp, scallops and other dry goods of high nutritional value. In particular, these foods are high fiber, usually can be bought to save, it is easier to maintain a wide variety of food.
Root fibers enough, can chew through a natural, stimulating the appetite center, feel satiety. Dietary fiber can delay carbohydrate, fat absorption, without consuming too much fat. If the intake of low-calorie root, stem, can help increase satiety.
Small package frozen preparations
If the ingredients can not be a ready, first in small package frozen. Such as time-consuming cooked soybeans, cooked the night before can, put a small package frozen cooling. Do salad, soup, you can immediately use. Meat can also use this method, start with packing small packages begin.
You can prepare a variety of table foods to eat when served with a small bowl, enjoy a variety of ingredients fun. The true meaning of slow weight loss is easy to enjoy, you can maintain long-term way of eating. Can also be used to easily prepare all the ingredients of the weekend.
Balcony garden
Can be grown, such as mint, basil, rosemary and other herbs or plants, you can add some flavor in the dish. You can also try simple green onions, lettuce, etc., if the vegetables is low, immediately added. Users to lose weight lose weight in a slow website to share: "Slow weight loss is to force the concept of liberation", and its believed that it was to lose weight, consider themselves as a healthy lifestyle. Setting achievable targets slow, you can find a way to achieve their goals, and then is to tell yourself: I do.
Eating out how to do?
Meal in a restaurant, ordering a lot of people often do not often point too much. If you are slow to lose weight, the same basic principles with selected ingredients, selected species to eat.
Such as point buffet, you can a dish, a meat, half of the semi-meat dishes (such as green pepper shredded pork). Do not choose, such as deep-fried or braised pork ribs and other big piece of meat to eat.
President Chain Store home to eat lunch as well buy, but also can put the rice, vegetable-packing into a small bowl decorations, if the lack of vegetables can be a hot vegetables, rice and sprinkle with black sesame seeds also add flavor.
And then still have to eat slowly, even if President Chain Store lunch, but also enjoy a meal.