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2011年8月4日 星期四

Weight loss - weight loss or weight should you do?

Weight loss - weight loss or weight should you do?
If you want to maintain your current weight, calorie intake per person per day to about ﹝ body weight (kg) × 30 ~ 35 (card) ﹞. Body weight 50 kg women, if the daily intake of 1500 to 1750 cards will be able to maintain existing weight.
Since 1 kg of body fat equals about 7700 calories, so if a day eat 250 calories for 1 month will gain weight 1 kg.
The definition of obesity and overweight is different, obesity means body fat percentage rate than the standard men's body fat percentage in excess of 25%, more than 30% of women referred to as obesity. Perhaps you feel that their weight is the standard value, it looks fleshy, then you only need a way to exercise body sculpting or "body sculpture" on it, without something to lose weight.
Overweight refers to weight exceeds the standard weight of your need to reduce the weight of meaning. According to three procedures, in turn obtain their standard weight, current weight status and dietary intake of calories needed, can effectively make the tall and slim up.
As per kilogram of body fat can produce about 7700 calories, so, if we reduce the 300 to 500 daily calories to lose weight diet control, then, can thin the next week about 0.5 to 1 kg of fat and no doubt re- .
However, the daily intake of calories is required to meet the basic physiological needs in order to avoid health hazards, usually not less than 1400 cards to men and women of not less than 1200 calories most appropriate.

Calculate the standard weight formula:
Men: ﹝ Height (cm) -80 ﹞ × 0.7 = standard weight
Women: ﹝ height (cm) -70 ﹞ × 0.6 = standard weight
Note: If you want the girls showed a more lightweight body, standard weight of 90% of places for the beauty weight.

Assess the current body weight status:
(The current standard weight measure of weight ÷)
Wasting 80% weight gain need
90% of the weight to be weight gain
100% of ideal body weight to maintain the current lifestyle and eating habits
110% overweight need to lose weight
Need 120% weight loss obesity

Calculate the required calorie intake day
Light work:
Housework, or desk, the existing workers who need to lose weight weight × 30 kcal to 1000 kcal -500
Moderate work:
But do not often need to move in the heavy weight of the workers who need the existing body weight × 35 kcal to 1000 kcal -500
Heavy work:
Activities such as pick stones, heavy transport and other workers who need to lose weight the existing body weight × 40 kcal to 1000 kcal -500
※ 500 calories per day to reduce the intake can be reduced within a week about 0.5 kg.