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2011年8月3日 星期三

Smart eating to lose weight Principles of weight loss and diet tips

Smart eating to lose weight
The correct way to lose weight, should be to remove excess fat for the purpose, and supply the body enough nutrients, so in order to achieve "weight loss diminished health" should be under the principle of a balanced diet, try to choose low-calorie, nutritionally adequate food.

Principles of weight loss and diet tips
1. Weight loss can not be too fast. The existing requirements by 500-1000 calories a day, weight loss should be gradual, it will not cause harm to the body.
2. Maintain a balanced nutrition. Select multiple types of food, not hunger or fasting a certain type of food.
3. Change the eating programs. First soup, vegetables and drinking the soup before eating, and finally a small population of small mouth slowly eat meat and rice.
4. Meal should be quantitative, slowly, should concentrate on eating, avoid reading or television, to avoid inadvertently overeating.
5. Cooking methods as much as possible with the fried, steamed, boiled, salad and other cooking methods do not have to refuel, to avoid fried, fried.
6. Any high-calorie fast foods and concentrated, especially sweet, fried, fried, pastry of foods, such as: candy, egg rolls, sweet and salty snacks and Western brown, duck, pig, skin and so on.
7. Try to eat less high fat nuts, such as peanuts, cashews, pine nuts, walnuts, etc.
8. Daily with three meals a day and the average distribution, not biased towards any one meal, and try to eat snacks.
9. Eating more high fiber foods. Vegetables are low in calories and rich in cellulose, so weight loss may eat more vegetables or grains.

Lose weight without starving

As long as the eating of food, weight loss can not only fed but not starved. First, choose a sense of satiety of food and bulky foods, because the larger size can produce more satiety, such as high-fiber vegetables, larger, more there will be a sense of satiety, and refined foods is not easy to produce full full sense, naturally taken in excess. Furthermore, to add more water when cooking food or boiling a pot of assorted vegetables, low in calories and easy to feel full.
If it is hungry how to do? Nutritionists recommend: You can eat a little low-calorie fruit, such as: tomatoes, grapefruit, pear, grapefruit, etc., or vegetable salad of cucumber, lettuce, bamboo shoots and leafy vegetables, etc.; can eat a little bit of low-calorie cookies, for example: high fiber crackers, there are many small packaging, and labeling of calories, and a choice of hungry about 70 calories per packet of cards to as a snack.

Not rebound Tips
1. Drink plenty of water drink beverages.
2. Maintain the principle of action. Can not lie to sit, to stand do not sit, can not stand to go, not able to run away, have time to exercise, no time to walk more than a walk.
3. Salt, sugar, less oil, reducing the sauce.
4. Eat as much fresh and original.