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2011年8月3日 星期三

popular saint weight-loss products

popular saint weight-loss products

Rich in nutrients, tomato, recently joined the rank of popular weight-loss products saint, because of television coverage in the Kansai area of ​​Hsinchu County tomato growers claimed that the new varieties of yellow tomatoes with obvious weight-loss effect, more food can shape graceful figure, before the price once more soared to 1 kg 4 hundred dollars, a veritable "gold" tomato. And this statement is also popular in Japan a while back with the weight-loss method with low insulin, a doctor said the long-term consumption of high-fiber, low sugar Guowu, such as tomatoes, guava, can indeed stabilize insulin secretion, slowing the rate of accumulation of fat, adjust the fat body.

In addition to the direct intake of food and drink way tomatoes can also be applied to the face it! As the active antioxidant lycopene, making the beauty industry around the corner, several advocates the concept of natural skin care products company, will have a new tomato products can be developed as a raw material. Such as Nina Ricci launched the first tomato moisturizer, welcome to the United States by century-old New Yorker drug store brand Kiehl's is also a star product last year, "tomato moisturizing lotion", as well as e beauty exposed network will also launch a youth, antioxidant cream Scrub the skin such as lycopene series feast.
The name of tomatoes under the banner of beauty care products, is to lycopene extracted from tomatoes as the main ingredients, then add BETA-carotene and vitamin A, vitamin E and other natural ingredients to strengthen the antioxidant effect of improving the aging . Since most of the beauty industry and the effectiveness of the medical profession and function of tomato considerable attention and recognition, such a strong guarantee card, and immediately caused a popular topic with the trend, consumers are flocking.