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2011年8月4日 星期四

Weight loss - weight loss big hidden improper beverages 8

Weight loss - weight loss big hidden improper beverages 8
Weight loss is not child's play. Any frivolous or unscientific move, get hurt or the body may be more trouble, you believe that?
Low-calorie diet - sudden death
Reduced meals, calorie restriction is a common way to lose weight, if we continue, to receive good results. But to moderate, daily intake of total calories no less than 600 cards, Greenway, Ph.D. University of California study shows that the daily diet provides less than 600 calories if the card can endanger the heart, the light changes in heart rate occurred, re- those who starved to death can occur with the same heart attack, has led to the risk of sudden death, medically known as sudden death.

Vegan - hair loss
Japanese experts, statistics, and the "diet craze" is hair loss that often accompanies growing 20% ​​-30% of 20-30 year-old young women. The crux is the main component of hair is called fish prion proteins, including zinc, iron, copper and other trace elements in many, but people who eat a vegetarian diet of vegetables, fruit and flour, protein and trace elements intake, resulting in hair loss due to severe malnutrition.

Lose weight fast - gallstones
Europe and other countries in recent years, doctors have reported, the pursuit of rapid weight loss in first 2-4 months, about a quarter of people suffering from gallstones, the incidence of weight loss surgery, which is even higher. Rapid weight loss Why would such consequences? May be due to a sharp decrease when the supply of calories, fat deposition in the tissue cholesterol when consumed along with accelerated movement in the surge in the content of bile, bile and thus become sticky, crystalline precipitates and settle down. Meanwhile, the control diet decreased bile secretion, cholecystokinin weak and can not emptying, also contributed to stone formation. If you slow down the rate of weight loss, weight loss per week, less than 500 grams of the principles of arrangement 3 meals a day, you can prevent the incidence of gallstones.

Excessive weight loss - impaired memory
German Nutrition Institute Dussel Dr. Gustav • Crane Hofer remind dieters: the remainder of the body fat can stimulate the brain, the brain processes information to accelerate the ability to enhance the short-term and long-term memory. Weight exceeded 20% -35% of the most intelligent, and memory loss women weight loss diet biggest. Therefore, for the protection of your brain function, weight loss act as cautious.

Weight rebound - heart disease
If the weight loss caused by improper weight rebound, can lead to heart disease. According to the American researchers investigated, this has become 40 years old male weight loss is a major threat, and to tuberculosis, hepatitis and other chronic infectious disease in order to take advantage of the machine, ptosis of the stomach, depression, the incidence of malnutrition increased. Therefore, weight loss should adhere to a combination of diet and exercise to consolidate the weight loss and maintain body weight stability and to prevent rebound. Or rather not lose weight. Maintain a stable body weight is more beneficial to health.

Adolescent weight loss - amenorrhea
For women, there is a reasonable choice of timing issues, puberty should not lose weight. Because adolescent females need to accumulate some fat (about 17% of total body weight) in order to make menarche predictable, and once a month to maintain regularity. If the blind lose weight, reduce body fat, you can delay menarche to have to menarche were menstrual disorders or amenorrhea occurs.

Growth period weight loss - infertility
Women in the reproductive period, the same need to accumulate sufficient fat to complete the important task of parenthood. Harvard University, Dr. Frisch population centers, pregnant women prior to the accumulation of fat to be only 22% of total body weight may become pregnant, more than 28% have enough energy reserves to maintain the "pregnant woman" and 3 months postpartum breast-feeding needs.

Lactation weight loss - damage to the baby health
Fat diet to diet restriction, and milk fat is an important component, not when the milk fat from fresh food, they will adjust the system used by the body to store fat milk, but the fat reserves that may contain baby adverse physical health and development, so breast-feeding should not lose weight.