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2011年8月2日 星期二

Protein-based diet foods diet

Protein-based diet foods diet

A. sleep 4 to 5 hours before the food is absolutely non-stick, do not eat bread, biscuits and other foods with high carbohydrate content.

B. to get expert help to develop a protein-based recipes, recipes based on chicken breast and vegetables for the center. Want to eat low-calorie snacks to eat when the little tomatoes and other fruits.

C. student to lose weight one day and drink a bottle of lactic acid bacteria beverage fainted before, so this hunger strike, or do not choose to eat a food way to do low-calorie food healthy weight loss.

D. must eat breakfast every day for breakfast, stay away from sweet, salty, spicy food, can not only lose weight but also beneficial to health, is really two birds with one stone effect. Dinner to eat less and do not forget to eat vitamins every day, which is slim and healthy body to maintain one of the secrets.
In addition, daily maintenance of a low-calorie food and also pay the exercise, but only in her busy work before going to bed and half-bath massage, bath goods store to buy it to the bath solution became her life's important issues.