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Reflexology can help weight loss slimming

Reflexology can help weight loss slimming 
Ministry to know a lot of foot points, if properly conducted, then massage can stimulate different parts of the body and help detoxification. If you can do foot massage every day within a month you can lose ten kilograms.

Reflexology diet: beating with fists feet before going to bed 

Beat the soles of the feet can help eliminate the day's fatigue, but also can stimulate the body's metabolism, helps detox weight loss, helps to accelerate fat burning. Approach is very simple, look at what the beat with his fist foot center, each about a hundred feet or so on it. Weight loss before going to bed to do better.

Reflexology diet: massage legs shaking 

If the body's metabolism slows down, it is easy to accumulate fat in the body, become obese. So, will the need to promote the body's metabolic rate, as long as their backs in bed, and then shaking his legs as if riding a bicycle, you can effectively stimulate the acupuncture points leg, to the effect of promoting blood circulation.

Reflexology diet: toes to click 

Toes with both hands to each click, a circular-style massage several times a day, you can achieve weight loss.

Reflexology diet: foot rubbing 

Directly caused by friction between your feet feel warm, which can reach detox fat burning effect.

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Lose weight walking into a doctor Meili Wen 歴
Lose weight a decade ago and not today's pop, it could be the year when the poor quality of life, ate eating enough fat into a disease how can there be problems?

Meili Wen Hong Kong's first dedicated medical weight loss weight loss surgery surgeon to do

Meili Wen weight loss doctors in 1996, graduated from the Chinese University School of Medicine, after the Prince of Wales Hospital as a surgeon, he was intent on studying endoscopic surgery, when he had the opportunity to the U.S. studies, he means to the United States to learn relevant experience, but he can only see the United States to do bariatric surgery, he thought that Hong Kong people have such a fat obesity? Simply a waste of time. After a year of study in the United States, he returned to Hong Kong also feel that there is no future. But Meili Wen doctor's master refers to the development of bariatric surgery in Hong Kong has the potential of his efforts to study.

Later, in 2005, Zhongshan University introduced laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery Aberdeen fans hope the occasion so obese patients can reduce the absorption by the stomach, can solve the obesity problem. The Meili Wen is when is the only dedicated surgeon.

Now, Meili Wen doctors in 2007 when the Union Hospital on a surgical consultant, most of the time to do weight-loss surgery, weight loss he felt when the doctor's satisfaction. Is make the patient Keyihuode rebirth of meaningful work.

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