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2011年8月10日 星期三

Weight loss - the nation's epidemic of strange diet

Weight loss - the nation's epidemic of strange diet

As people's living standards improve, obesity has become a headache that most city people do. According to statistics, about one-third of American adults weigh more than the normal standard. There is no doubt that obesity will be a great extent, affect human health, so this problem has been from the whole society becomes more and more attention.
According to the U.S. Forbes website report, the United States last year, just lose weight in the diet food and more than textbooks in the ǚ? $ 6 billion. Here is the strange nation of several popular weight-loss method.

Miracle Diet Hollywood 48 hours
The commitment to weight loss: will help participants in just two days lost 10 pounds or more weight. Among these 48 hours, participants can not drink anything else, and drink a special juice formula. This weight loss is strange side ad "for your body, mind and spirit a vacation."
Cabbage soup diet
Provide this low-fat high-fiber diets who promised that if they can stick to weight loss drink cabbage soup for 7 days, then they can during that time lost 10 pounds in weight. In the weight loss process, people can also eat some other things, such as the day can eat bananas and skim milk the next day you can eat beef and tomatoes. This method of weight loss enthusiasts that the law even allows you to lose weight but also can remove body waste.
Grapefruit diet
Insight into the weight loss method, which used to be a false fruit diet heartbroken to lose weight will regain hope. Supporters of this method is that this sweet and juicy fruit to burn body fat, play a very good effect. Weight loss need to do is to reduce the snacks and the most complex carbohydrate intake, while drinking a few glasses of water a day, so you will find previously bloated waist slowly become more slim.
Chicken soup diet
Maybe you heard soothing "Chicken Soup" book, but now recommend to you is a weight-loss efficacy of chicken soup. This method is very simple, you can lose weight by eating some very simple daily breakfast and a lot of chicken soup, chicken soup intake is unrestricted. But it is just chicken, noodles and the like must not join things. So every day, so it will persist for a week have a good weight loss.
Apple cider vinegar diet
Apple cider vinegar diet enthusiasts say, fermented apple contains pectin, which are believed to help reduce the fat content of pectin. So to lose weight need to do is drink a few teaspoons before each meal in the apple cider vinegar, that's all, easy to burn excess fat.
Repeated chewing diet

The fun way to lose weight is the last century, called by the United States San Francisco, a businessman He Laisi • Fourah Specter's first popularized. This approach advocates that people in the process of chewing food carefully as some, for chewing the food into a liquid state and then to the stomach. Fula Specter believes that people can avoid over-extension of time to chew food.