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2011年8月10日 星期三

Weight loss - to help you reduce fat intake in the meal

Weight loss - to help you reduce fat intake in the meal
We all know that high fat diet and obesity, heart disease, certain cancers and other health problems. However, these do not represent all fats are harmful to you. In particular, some fat is regarded as beneficial to health.

Those in olive oil and rapeseed oil contained in monounsaturated fats and processed foods than animal fats contain saturated and trans fats is more healthy for the heart.

But overall, the fat we eat far more than health needs, while reducing the absorption of excess fat is a good health strategy. Here are some applications in the diet easy way:
1 drink skim milk or 1% milk instead of 2% or whole milk.
2 Choose non-fat meat such as chicken breast or turkey.
3. Steaming to cook vegetables, rice and fish is a good way. Steamed without adding additional fat and the food to retain the original nutrients.
4. Eat more fish - mostly low-fat fish, even fatty fish such as salmon or mackerel, also contains healthy fatty acids.
5. Personally cook salad dressings, will join the oil by half and use a vinegar flavor, such as balsam or containing flavor or tarragon, mix other interesting spices. If too acid, add appropriate amount of sugar.