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2011年8月10日 星期三

Weight loss - Kelly 10 strokes diet weight-loss method does not

Weight loss - Kelly 10 strokes diet weight-loss method does not

Kelly is not a diet, but she will only eat healthy foods, especially in her dinner table, you can definitely see the fresh fruit or freshly squeezed fruit juice, may generate Kelly fatty foods are classified as "contraband . " Her "trained" diet How to Make it?

1, whenever I think I'll brush your teeth. I like the fresh, minty feeling, so do not let my sweet tooth there is a feeling. I do not even mind the toilet brush in the office, to accept other people's gaze.
2, eat some low fat, and very like your food.
3, in my bag, car and desk in the healthy snacks are available, such as a banana, a few oranges and so on. If I'm hungry, I eat some of it makes me energetic.
4, try new foods. This weekend found that I really like to eat raw spinach. I like to try various things to my diet rich in health.
5, I listed all the reasons I want to lose weight and write them a note and I am fat and thin, when every corner of the photo on the room.
6, wear tight clothing. I wear tight jeans, so when I feel fat when you do not eat, this is useful to me.
7, go to the grocery store every week, reserve some healthy food. If you prepared well enough, then this week you will be very successful.
8, set some small goals, give yourself some innovative incentives. When I finished the ten percent goal, I will go to repair a toenail.
9, I have not put anything into his mouth, unless I write to explain why the food and can eat.
10, and will not eat. That will make you eat a lot so you do not fill the belly of the snacks, anyway you do not unrestrained eating chocolate.