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2011年8月10日 星期三

Weight loss - rapid weight loss fat burning star 3 coup

Weight loss - rapid weight loss fat burning star 3 coup
This thin is beautiful at times, obesity has become their nightmare. Artists on the mirror to look good, usually have a rapid fat-burning method, how thin the health of their pockets recipe quite a bit.

Pauline Lan yoga

Pauline Lan presided over the TVBS-G "Queen", who took the opportunity to learn from Huang Zhongkun girlfriend LuLu got yoga, even overeating, the body will not be deformed, called the circle of wonderful actress. Pauline Lan of yoga, can do at home, she said: "I do yoga while watching TV at home, do not wear underwear while back, surprised to discover that, actually faster down the chest to the knees, feeling the aging phenomenon, but diligent practice Yoga, the body was restored the young. "
Pauline Lan Pinjiu pride, or even never drunk, but worried about drink beverages, she was found on health from the true meaning of yoga, she said: "I am practicing yoga on the addiction, even my mother is a loyal partner, the New Year If you eat too much, I and my mother to a mother and daughter double yoga, weight loss fat is not easy. "

Shan is running plus tea

Singer Shan is not worried about obesity, upper body, he said: "Running outside, I would binge drinking tea, a good tired of ease to the oil solution."
Shan is like outdoor activities, especially loves to run, from home, the gym to the school playground can run, he said: "The average trip to the less an hour, if time is not enough, go to the gym, but I usually prefer to run to the playground, you can breath of fresh air, feel very comfortable. "do not like running, Shan is suggested that it might try walking," as long as the purpose to sweat, in fact, can be. "

Fish Leong Weight Loss

Comes to weight loss by, Fish Leong tried the "devil diet." She said: "In the past three albums made the first time, to shoot publicity photos of the period, on the wrong way to lose weight, one day only one meal, eat salad, fruit, milk, although thin quickly, But the people confused face blue lips white, becomes lifeless. "Fish Leong was also a result suffering from anorexia, but also because the majority of bite, once you feel sick to see the meat.
4 years ago, Fish Leong began to develop the habit of exercise a week to swim three times, every half hour. Although weight-loss treatment is now supporting, Fish Leong said, or to continue to exercise. Just run into busy, she can shorten the course of movement through time, a 40-minute treatment can achieve a similar effect to run 13 kilometers.

Jolin Tsai's road to weight loss
Boiled vegetables + soba = her food
Business for the time, Jolin Tsai, a little baby fat on the mirror when the display is easy to fat, which has earned her distress, because she has been a blend of people, how can tolerate less than perfect image. So she sought to lose weight around the face-lift of the recipe, she said, have tried to lose weight to drink tea, but also tried to starve, though short thin down, but over time, naturally can not stand, and sometimes dancing on the feeling of physical why he did not.

Later in the nutritionist's advice, she began to change the recipe, then boiled into the main theme of her table, boiled vegetables, boiled yams, buckwheat has become the staple food of her day, absolutely without refueling, it is definitely too light , and to add a little salt. And chocolate, her favorite ice cream all of these girls do not touch, "In the past secondary school loves to eat ice cream, Fangliao Xue and students together to eat, but now for many years without food, and almost forgot the taste of the . "

Go to Shanghai for the concert publicity, and staff together to eat Shanghai food, eating, breathing Pork colleagues, she has only to sit and watch the copies, in the end everyone's instigation, tasted the taste of lean meat, not swallow and spit out, "tastes good, but too greasy, or do not eat."

"She really do not eat snacks, and sometimes we eat potato chips, ah, ah drink, she refused, drink water, eat fresh fruit, really great perseverance." Her assistant says. In our view, "ascetic monks' style of life, but the habit seems very Jolin Tsai:" Never, ah, I am accustomed to. "

Yoga + Whole massage = legs

Jolin Tsai's legs worth?

Jolin Tsai's slender, sexy legs, tight jeans or short skirts either, all seem very healthy and beautiful, it has been quite proud of her, "I think this is I have always been the result of fitness and yoga, can well-proportioned and flexible and dynamic. "

Jolin Tsai admitted that after the completion of each exercise, she will insist on doing leg Care, we understand the way this care is also used Namie Amuro, Chinese and Japanese are particularly complementary way, to spend two hours nearly every day In this maintenance measures. But she felt very worth it, "a lot of concert dance, the legs must rely on friends, so it is also a matter of course in intensive care."