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2011年8月10日 星期三

Weight loss - belly lean not? Ice cream to blame!

Weight loss - belly lean not? Ice cream to blame!

Seems vulnerable to high summer heat to affect the appetite, but how it seems a poor appetite, and weight but no by how much? May even increase the trend? Hey! This is not hell, probably because of a cold drink to blame ~

Heat continues unabated, the streets assortment of ice cream drinks, has become everyone's favorite refreshing. But often these drinks, ice cream, with high sugar and calories, so unknowingly, on the accumulation of a lot of body fat. Some friends in order to lose weight, what not to eat, but they drink a bunch of cold drinks, the results of hungry stomach, weight has increased rather than decreased.
Few people know do not drink cold drinks is also the secret of weight loss, cold drinks contain a lot of heat, easy to be absorbed by the body, accumulate in the abdomen or buttocks. For example, sugary drinks for every 100cc of heat on about 50 cards, drinking sugary drinks is equivalent to 500cc to eat a bowl of rice. Heat a cup of pearl milk tea is equal to 700cc and a half bowl of rice. Even fruit juices are not low calorie, five of the squeeze orange juice on a bowl of rice is equal to the heat.

In addition to heat, the cold drinks will also reduce the body's metabolic rate, this is cool fat people drink the most important reason. The body needs to warm 37 degrees C, working environment, and cold drinks and body temperature difference of 30 degrees C, drink cold drinks, will reduce the temperature of the gastrointestinal tract, blood circulation and lymphatic circulation becomes slow, the impact abdomen cycle metabolism, inhibit the consumption of abdominal fat, fat and water accumulation in the body easily, resulting in body fat easily. Therefore, proposals, while a cup of hot, cold drinks and cool, but in order to maintain good health and body, or should be some restraint.
Also want to improve the metabolic rate, in addition to cold drink, the more edible mushrooms, kelp, seaweed, lily, celery and green coconut can spend more intake, for increasing the body's metabolism is very helpful, daily abdominal massage clockwise by about 3 refers to the navel on the right abdomen at about 15 minutes on a flat belly is also helpful.

You still are not satisfied with their weight?
 Disorder who also performed the fat? Too late by the next spring, and summer right place quickly grasp the environment, I believe you can more easily achieve body weight goals.