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2011年8月13日 星期六

U.S. employers to help employees lose weight and promote employees to quit the oil rejection

To help employees lose weight
American business is set off "to help people lose weight," the wind. This is not only to the health of employees, but also for the sake of the company pockets.
"Economist" magazine, many companies also resorted to "carrot and stick" two-pronged strategy, refers to a variety of carrot incentive to lose weight,
Stick is a disguised punitive measures.

Decades, the U.S. health care spending has more than doubled, one of the reasons is the growing number of fat. As the employees and their families more than the cost of health care by employers,
The more fat, the higher the employer spending will help people lose weight so a drastic way. The latest survey, seventy-three% of the company is willing to help people lose weight;
Employees more than 5,000 people in large enterprises, as much as eighty-eight% so wish.

For example, General Electric (GE) smoking, a gym and trainer, the restaurant serves all kinds of vegetables and salad. IBM employees
"Sport" and "eating healthy food," up to standard were distributed to U.S. $ 150.

In addition to "carrots" and also "stick." The second-largest supermarket chain Safeway provides employees if they can control weight and cholesterol levels,
Pocket health care costs can be reduced the proportion of same disguised pay.

GE also provides smokers, health insurance deductibles to improve U.S. six hundred fifty yuan. Pepsi and Macy's for drug addicts have similar
"Penalties", the former is set at U.S. $ 600, which is set at U.S. $ four hundred twenty dollars.
To help employees lose weight