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2011年8月10日 星期三

Weight loss recipes - Otaku graduate by President Chain Store milk diet six weeks dumped oil 12 kg

Weight loss recipes - Otaku graduate by President Chain Store milk diet six weeks dumped oil 12 kg

Wei Shuo two graduate students from the chubby to the big name, tried many online weight loss recipe, weight figures as more like a yo-yo by the higher. Seeing is about to graduate, in order to stay in charge of the job search process so that a good image, the ideal company to successfully enter, Wei students turn to professional doctors, the use of "Chain Store milk diet", easily lost in the 12 kg within 6 weeks .

Young's right to physician weight loss centers, said Yang Ming, Wei students are metabolic syndrome patients, the usual diet is food restaurants, food calories difficult to measure. To help him easily and effectively reduce the excessive weight down, then design a menu to facilitate weight loss, by President Chain Store full of calories on food packaging label to help people calculate and control the total daily intake. In general, the heat required per person per day is about 25 to 30 times the body weight, intake of more than 25 times the heat it is easy to convert into body fat accumulation in vivo. Those who want to lose weight, daily calorie intake female standards should be set at about 15 times the body weight of about 1,200 calories for boys and 20 times the weight of about 1,500 calories. Under the principle of the heat control to maximize the added protein and fiber and lower sugar and oil intake, Yang doctor suggested, such as sugar high fiber soy milk is a good source of protein and fiber.

Dr. Yang explains, sugar-free high-fiber low-sugar soy milk, nutritional value is very high, not only rich in vegetable protein, can add body needs calories, the body also can accelerate the metabolism of calcium. In addition, soy lecithin can promote cell repair, and women may be hormonal conditioning of soy isoflavones to help women lose weight during the maintenance of good color. Commercially available multiple choice milk, some boxed milk to obtain healthy food certification, and advertised to add dietary fiber can increase satiety, promote gastrointestinal motility, is a good choice. Dr. Yang also shows, however, soy milk for weight loss is not necessarily the way everyone seemed to have a history of gout, it is necessary to avoid excessive intake of soy products.

Physicians are also reminded in addition to diet control, daily intake of 2,000 cc or more metabolic water to help body waste, should also be exercise, and physical activity need to breathe a little bit but not too the extent of asthma, and can continue to sweat the best 5 minutes, in order to speed up the weight-loss progress. Summer weight loss has become a popular movement, weight loss methods available in the market an array, before people lose weight should first consult a physician or dietitian's advice, in accordance with individual state to choose the right way to lose weight, remember not to use there is no scientific basis for reducing weight method, fiscal and labor will not damage the health.

President Chain Store milk weight loss recipes:
Breakfast: sugar high fiber soy milk 450cc + a + a sugar boiled eggs or fruit salad
Lunch: free (in principle, control of 600 calories of heat)
Dinner: Sugar-free soy milk 450cc + a sugar high fiber fruit or salad

Note: Daily consumption of 2,000 cc boiled water and 30 minutes of exercise, weight loss of more aid to reach.