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2011年8月12日 星期五

fast weight loss method

fast weight loss method

Here's my weight-loss through. In fact, do not you think weight loss so difficult, as long as you adhere to, so they gradually become accustomed to, you will unknowingly become increasingly thin. Habits period of 21 days, whether it is a good habit or bad habit.
1, you want to get rid of the convex-convex small pot, after getting up every morning cup of honey water will, is very effective for constipation MM Oh; or washed with water to drink aloe vera powder, not only can cure constipation, detoxifies. Big S said that girls eat aloe, rose, almond, these things will certainly become pretty oh. Then eat an apple, Apple's weight-loss effect is well known.
fast weight loss method
Of course, the malic acid is not acceptable to each girl's stomach, she says. The morning you can choose to eat eggs. Best not to eat after, and at noon it to eat a vegetable, eat white Xiangshou faster MM boiled, add noodles seasoning, the taste is very good yet. Dinner on a cup of yogurt or a small bowl of it. Do not complain that they eat less, because we will strive to lose weight! ! ! ! Every time after dinner, about 30 times to reverse the waist, the waist if you feel there is a strong sense of tension, show that you do it right. Study and work when tired, squatting on a few times, you will clearly feel the heat of feeling, that is your fat burning oh ~
2, elephant legs, fat legs of bird legs, take a look at their own elephant legs, and then look at other people's birds legs, my heart that angry ah, why others show a bold legs, we wear pants covered her. We have to change a bird legs! Let me cut thighs, nothing a massage every day, no special techniques to see which meat on where to pinch, of course, you have to massage along the same direction, otherwise it will cause any harm, oh. Then patted relax. In the middle of the thigh on both sides of every beat, very effective for thin thighs. Next we talk about all girls helpless calf. There are many girls legs are muscular, good suggestion is to buy some essential oils, massage every day, the effect is really obvious. If oil does not matter, do stretching exercises every day, feel the leg muscles after stretching, more stretching to do the action, at home, sitting on the bed activity around the ankle, with a clockwise turn counterclockwise rotation, and then about eight centimeters from the ankles, hands alternately tapping.
3, butterfly sleeves I've tried to eliminate one of the most effective action is, his arms bent flat, one arm held up, another forward move, supposedly holding a big balloon of their own way, adhere to feel tension and pain feeling after a few days, you will find the fleshy arm had become tight. In fact, as long as doing simple little trick, you will be able to slim down. One week as long as the election day, jogging, lean faster.
Finally, to remind MM, weight-loss period, the snack is not can not eat, but choose one a week, eat once, do not be greedy Oh, otherwise, our next effort was a few slices of potato chips or a box of ice cream destroyed Once the. If it is not hungry, on yogurt, but not more than 300g per day, after noon, we vegetarian Buddha bar. I remember constantly telling myself, I am thinner, I was thinner! ! !
fast weight loss method