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2011年8月11日 星期四

Standing belly diet is easy to remove

Standing belly diet is easy to remove
Abdominal obesity, is commonly known as the bellies haunt many people. Eliminate the bellies, in addition to the control diet, the most effective measure is to exercise one of the most user-friendly is to use stop legislation.

In recent years in Western Europe, standing very popular diet. University of Munich, Germany, a study showed people standing consume more calories than sitting 3 to 5 times more calories than lying down more than 10 times. Many people are accustomed to lie down and sleep immediately after lunch, so it is easy to form a pot belly. If you want to take a nap, then it is best to stand about half an hour sleep after a meal, can walk better. For most office workers, it should try to do things stand, such as eating standing up, standing meetings, standing office, stood a bus, standing rest chat, take advantage of these opportunities to consume excess calories is a good method.
Has been formed for the belly or abdomen obesity tendencies, but also insist on practicing the following aerobics:
Movement in bed before going to sleep and wake up to. Do first exercise with bent knees, lying in bed, right leg bent, so as close to the abdomen, and straight; pulls his left leg, flexion rotation. Alternately 20 times. After a little rest, do sit-ups.
Movement out of bed after bed, do the waist bending movement. So do first bend, Stretch hands around the waist from side to side, swing the body with both hands and swing. Do bend up and down movement, Stretch hands forward, bending the body so your hands touch the ground, then back to normal. Alternately 20 times.

Jogging under the bed after the event, to outdoor jogging. Runners can exercise the abdominal muscles, eliminate belly fat. The human body has the general belly fat should be appropriate to jogging, running distance should not be too long. Persist for some time, and then increase the amount of exercise.
If the pull-up activities in the stadium, the horizontal bar can be used to do chin-up movement. If outdoors find the horizontal bar, home to its own door to do along the horizontal bar exercises. Shoujin both pull-up training, but training the abdominal muscles.