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2011年8月10日 星期三

Summer salad recipes -9 tips to lose weight eat more lean DIY

Summer salad recipes -to lose weight eat more lean DIY
Fruit and vegetable salad style originated in foreign countries, in recent years, Chinese people have gradually try, people will do the growing number of salads. Which salad is better to lose weight eat it? Now according to the information on the nine salad diet.

1 nuts black Misha La
Take 225 g of black rice, cooked; 125 g turnips, chopped; 1 green pepper, chopped; 25 g chopped nuts (hazelnuts, almonds); 25 g raisins.
All the ingredients are mixed together, then pour sauce can be eaten.
2 fig salad walnut
This is a very very satisfied with the salad, if the figs are fresh the better.
Take half of the turnips, chopped; 4 carrots, chopped; 1 onion, chopped; a ripe apple, chopped; yogurt or tofu sauce; 125 grams of fresh figs or dried figs, cut into strips; 2 sweet apples, chopped; an orange, juice; 125 g walnuts.
Cook head, carrots, cooked apples mingled with it into the sauce, marinated; then fig bar, sweet apple sprinkled on the surface, the orange juice poured on top, then sprinkle the salad walnut surface Serve.
3. Walnut salad
This is one kind of everyone's favorite salad.
Take 2 sweet apples, pitted and cut into slices; 2 celery, washed, chopped; 50 g walnuts, 50 grams of hazelnuts, 50 grams of raisins, chopped fresh parsley, yogurt sauce.
Apples, celery, nuts, raisins and parsley mixture, yogurt and spices and then eat together.
4 potato salad
This salad is always fabulous, but the best choice for beginning to market the potatoes.
Take 450 g of fresh potatoes, 2 tablespoons chopped fresh mint, bean curd sauce.
First place potatoes in boiling salt water soft, chopped, drain to the water, let cool, cut into small pieces, marinated with mint sauce and tofu, refrigerator, eating out can be.
5. Carrot Apple Salad
Half a lemon, juice; 450 g carrots, chopped; 3 tablespoons seedless raisins, 1 tablespoon sunflower seeds, 2 tablespoons of chopped nuts; half trees lettuce, washed, cut, torn into strips; vinegar sauce.
Sprinkle lemon juice on the apples to prevent discoloration, then carrots, raisins, sunflower seeds and nuts marinated, put the lettuce in a large bowl, carrots, nuts and apple mixture into the bowl, add balsamic vinegar, spices, can be eaten.
6 assorted salad
Green salad can be made only with lettuce, cucumber and green peppers, assorted salads but this was a bit different.
Take a half trees lettuce, washed, cut into strips; 1 celery, washed, chopped; two small gourd, chopped; 4 tomatoes, cut into pieces; sunflower seeds, vinegar, bean curd sauce.
Do green salad, they can use the leaves of other vegetables such as celery leaves and other fibrous vegetables leaves. Nuts in the salad can be added.
7. Pine nut salad
Pine nut salad with a fragrant, fresh, delicious features.
Take 4 tomatoes, diced; 6 radishes, chopped; half trees lettuce, washed, cut, torn into strips; 3 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley; 1 bag of alfalfa, 75 Nixon child; Hong vinegar, yogurt sauce.
All the ingredients are mixed with vinegar, excellent style compound, marinated can be eaten.
8. Chives hazelnut salad
Leek is a vegetable taste quite good, need to be cooked then, of course not a long time, otherwise it will destroy the vitamin.
2 leeks washed, cut into cubes; 1 red pepper, to son, cut into pieces; 50 g chopped hazel nuts; salt and freshly ground black pepper; vinegar, yogurt sauce.
The leek into salt boiling water for 2 minutes, then washed with cold water look so cool, leek, red pepper, hazel nuts in a bowl, seasoning with vinegar, yogurt sauce can be marinated.
9 spinach salad cauliflower
Make use of this raw cauliflower salad, side dishes to make each piece of fresh flowers, there is no hard stems.
Take 225 g cooked with new potatoes and mint, cool; a cauliflower, washed, cut into small pieces; 450 g spinach, washed and torn into strips; 2 to 3 sweet apples, pitted, sliced; 50 g sunflower or soy cheese, diced or slice; balsamic vinegar sauce.
If the potatoes a little, then you do not have to then cut the potatoes. If a large, cut into pieces and then marinated potatoes and other ingredients, add vinegar sauce