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2011年8月12日 星期五

fast weight loss

fast weight loss

August 4, 2010 many of my friends told me that weight loss is too painful, I can not stand without food or drink, and had to give up. When I was three months, easily a 126-102 weight-loss and found that weight loss as long as proper diet and exercise can be achieved, according to my principle is to eat according to drinking but not eating and drinking.
I look at life during weight loss, I know how easily I had to lose weight.
fast weight loss
1. Most importantly it must develop a good work and rest rules, early hours, late nine-thirty I usually 6:00.
(2) the morning after that, drink a glass of water, to develop this habit, it is to promote weight loss, but also conducive to maintaining good skin.
3 put on sportswear and began to go out running every day for 45 minutes each time sweating came to a halt.
4. After a cool red back, eat breakfast. Breakfast is a cup of yogurt to help digestion; add an egg, add energy, sometimes combined with an apple.
5 After breakfast go to work, on the road on the bus, in the company as much as I climb the stairs a small elevator, adhere to exercise when exercise more.
6. Tired one morning, and lunch can not be hard on myself. I'm just a little something was lacking appetite than before, but to eat more vegetables and less meat and fried foods. 20 minutes after lunch, drink is tea, help defecation.
7 in the afternoon after work, all right, then do not take the bus to go back to their own, to walk more ah.
8 dinner then, it is relatively simple point, the fruit solution, apple banana
fast weight loss