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2011年8月8日 星期一

Thigh reduction method

Thigh reduction method
Went to summer, sisters of the season to be wearing a short skirt, so be sure to subtract the thigh fat.

Thigh reduction methods must be targeted, for example to the swimming pool where the shallow water running, the value of the water resistance can be targeted to lose thigh fat. Best early night once every twenty to three minutes, particularly good effect by the thigh.

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You need how many calories a day 
To lose weight we must control the daily intake of calories, and then increase the daily consumption of energy, so that the body needs in the absence of heat, the body will burn body fat to achieve weight loss effect.

First, to understand their own how much calories a day, so you can more effectively plan their own weight loss plan.

Basic needs of heat BMR (basic organs of the body to supply the heat needed) KCAL
= Weight (LB) X15 + (moderate exercise time (minutes / day) X3.5)

If you want to achieve weight loss, your daily intake of calories = BMR-500KCAL

If you weight 150LB, and you do thirty minutes a day of moderate exercise
Your BMR = (150X15) + (30X3.5) = 2250 + 105 = 2355
Therefore, to reach every one weeks by a daily intake of no more than is necessary to LB 1855KCAL

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