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2011年8月10日 星期三

Fukada Japanese pop banana lean 12 kg weight loss method

Fukada Japanese pop banana lean 12 kg weight loss method
Japan since last year, the "breakfast banana weight-loss method" books are all listed on the network also spread this weight loss secret. Japan "TBS" television also broadcast special programs, please go to the U.S. sub-theories of public singer Mori to hear her "breakfast banana diet" lose weight 7 kg, the resulting hot banana; Fukada also use this method successfully and now even lost 12 kg, Banana has become Japan's hottest fruit today.

According to the Japanese "modern magazine," said Kyoko Fukada in the finished drama series "schools do not teach things", the work has been thin, because you want a lower body fat before the snow, causing play to obey the hip spot split shame. To lose weight, she not only quit favorite ramen, after the show finished dishes to eat and drink no longer go to Japan is now the most popular "breakfast banana diet" successfully reduced under 12 kg.

Kyoko Fukada's "breakfast banana diet" is very simple to get up early every day to eat a banana, drink a glass of water, the mouth is no longer forbidden to eat snack, within three months lost 12 kg, with her stylist also amazement. Stylist said Kyoko Fukada often recently so sexy mini skirt or tight dress coming out, not afraid of exposing the arm, and even like to take the most personal album again when thin.

The Japanese banana shortage in supermarkets have begun, banana turnover year on year increase of 7 percent, there is a food supermarket in Tokyo, said the store is now often packed with crowds, late of the guests will not see a banana.

Breakfast bananas can lose weight? Japanese say
This "bananas weight-loss techniques," advertised as long as the morning after getting up, eating quantitative bananas, and drinking water, eating other meals can be normal, without starving diet to endure the pain, they do not deliberately avoid certain foods, even if drink tea it does not matter, they do not eat too much, you can easily known the effect of weight loss. However, nutritionists advise, do not fasting bananas, and bananas contain high levels of potassium and magnesium, for the poor kidney function, it is best not to eat too much.

According to advocates of this "breakfast banana weight-loss techniques," the man said, breakfast only bananas with plain water, drink water, do not eat too much, I feel a sense of satiety on it. After doing so, lunch and dinner as usual to eat, what to eat does not matter, but the key is to eat slowly. Note, however, to eat less fried foods, in addition, dinner to eat breakfast, if possible, try to eat dinner before eight pm, if too late to eat dinner, people get fat. Also, as far as possible before going to bed at 12 o'clock, normal, regular life, helps weight loss, sleep well and less likely to constipation.

Nutrition experts have warned that poor kidney function of people, but not suitable for banana diet. Any intention to try to lose weight before the law, remember do not rush, to do it slowly, in particular. If there is any physical discomfort of the place to go consult a doctor immediately.

Bananas sold out ... day to lose weight, doctors do not recommend
"Morning banana with boiled water, lunch, eat dinner as usual will be thin", which is Japan's recent popular banana diet. TV star Sammy your son to experience fat banana diet, in a half months lost seven kilograms, this diet caused an immediate sensation, leading to bananas sold out; and recent weight loss tactics. "Recorded diet" began to roll up a small cyclone.

Called the morning banana diet is to eat breakfast with a few banana water, so the stomach satiety, rich enzymes to digest faster, making lunch and dinner do not eat as usual hoarding fat.

Last spring "morning banana diet" a book published, a record four hundred thousand sales, the Japanese theme of all the stations in order to create numerous special events, breath ignited the banana diet craze, and even supermarkets have emerged banana shortage phenomenon

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