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2011年8月8日 星期一

Chinese soup diet

Chinese soup diet
Chinese re-conditioning the body, the body response health, metabolic response to normal levels, improve bowel function and defecation, which can help us lose weight.

Chinese medicine is a long history, the ancient Chinese used to have a lot of prescriptions, from appetite suppressants to speed up the body's metabolism, so that the body burn more calories, and conditioning also helps the body excrete toxins are flushed. But everyone has a different body, so the Chinese diet after diagnosis and treatment required by the professional practitioners, can take.

Chinese soup diet

Menispermaceae Huang brag soup, a large Chai Hu Tang, leptin, pock-Ren Wan, real spleen drink, the leaves scattered, etc., can help lose weight, but occur after taking the discomfort, stop taking it immediately and seek medical attention.

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