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2011年8月11日 星期四

Wide variety of ways to lose weight

Wide variety of ways to lose weight,

eat less and move is the only way,but no matter how eating breakfast may be omitted. U.S. researchers  (Daniela Jakubowicz) that, in fact, eating a good hearty breakfast, but will help to lose weight.
University of Virginia professor confederation, said the respondents for several months in the morning meal, eat one day half the calories, weight loss, eat less but better than breakfast. She said that if the morning and eat less, but will stimulate the appetite.

She designed the "rich breakfast" heat of about 610 cards, 395 cards is much higher than Chinese food for dinner and 235 cards, three meals a deliberately reduced fat intake, but increase the sugar (58 mg) and protein percentage.
As for the control group one day about 1085 calories card nutrition to protein and fat-based. Breakfast is only 290 calories card, is the weight of the day at least one meal.
4 months after the discovery, low-sugar breakfast group less effective than high-sugar diet breakfast large group, the former less 28 pounds (14.2 kilograms), which dumped 23 pounds (11.7 kilograms). But eight months later, low-sugar breakfast group appear less complex fat, weight gain of 18 pounds (9.1 kg). The large breakfast group continued to thin, will on average 16.5 pounds of meat rejection (8.4 kg).
Overall, enough to eat breakfast, 20% average weight loss; breakfast eat less lost an average weight of only 5%.
, deliberately reduced carbohydrate intake, short-term weight loss can be seen, but the sugar is apt to cause loss of appetite, slow metabolism, resulting in the long run instead of re-