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2011年8月10日 星期三

Weight loss meals - Jiang Wenli, the five post-partum weight-loss secret

Weight loss meals - Jiang Wenli, the five post-partum weight-loss secret

As the actor's professional requirements, many mothers in the postpartum body can recover quickly, it is to let mothers envy. Despite the recent small S announced its own post-natal diet, but for ordinary people is still difficult to implement. But you can learn the mainland actress Jiang Wenli, her weight loss program easy to follow, will become the mother of the situation of women by their own weight-loss tips combined with Jiang Wenli, find a most suitable way to lose weight.
Jiang Wenli said that in fact she became a mother, the body can not be controlled once fat, because she is fat which is easy to type, just a little do not pay attention, to round up the entire face, bent on downsizing can not suffer stomach, Jiang Wenli not in favor of weight-loss diet, better exercise flow sweat, and then allocate a reasonable good healthy diet meal. In order to overcome the "center of the earth attractive", but also own a fit slim body, she asked the expert guidance of scientific development of a weight-loss tips:
Tip 1: breakfast eat a banana, an apple, contains only 8 calories that can fill the stomach but also skin effect. Determined not eat anything after dinner.
Tip 2: eat chocolate or ice cream every time, with regard to water or green tea instead.
Tip 3: Enjoy Chinese cooking of food, both rich nor fat.
Vegetable oil with low-fat cooking and salad oil with a watering can to spray, rather than dumping way.
Tip 4: cut into strips of carrot, green pepper, cucumber, broccoli, and celery may apply as a dessert, either refrigerated readily accessible, but also carry as a snack.
Tip 5: After the birth of a child guidance movement that your weight-loss experts, training two hours each day, and the use of fitness center equipment.