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2011年8月11日 星期四

Europe's most ram "Popsicle body sculpting Law"

Europe's most ram "Popsicle body sculpting Law", "melting fat frozen" by more than 50% of the subcutaneous fat Medical experts found that eating too many popsicles to children can cause damage to oral fat tissue, so the use of frozen popsicles developed the concept of body sculpting technology to solve problems of modern bucket waist, love handles, small convex belly fat accumulation and other local problems, skin Physicians Pengxian Li said the recent popularity of new technology in Europe and America "frozen fat soluble", is to use the characteristics of cold fat, as long as 4-5 degrees Celsius, non-invasive, non-surgery, sitting can be reduced up to more than 50% of the subcutaneous fat .

Bureau of Health to track five-year study found that waist circumference increased by 2.9 cm for men and women increased by 3.6 cm wide body gradually in the same time, many people began to try to spread the weight loss prescriptions online, order of the top three most ram is : oil cut tea to lose weight, egg weight loss, oatmeal weight loss, Pengxian Li MD analysis, these three methods is not only ineffective, but may be more by the more fat, oil can only help cut tea, gastrointestinal motility, there is no fat loss effect; egg diet long run eat protein, may lead to phenomena such as osteoporosis or cramps; oat diet than in heat two to three times higher than rice, only to promote gastrointestinal motility, not Cellulite.
And a variety of reduced-fat weight-loss methods, "liposuction" is the best sculpture for the local obesity quick way, but traditional liposuction or surgery may be caused by melting fat embolism, necrosis, burns and other risks, prohibitive; Pengxian Li, MD said compared with traditional liposuction and minimally invasive surgical fat melting procedure (such as laser and ultrasound fat melting fat soluble), frozen fat soluble wound treatment is completely free, no scalpel, liposuction and laser fiber optic tube, do not anesthesia has no recovery time, is the most safety way of dissolving fat body carving.
Frozen fat dissolving the principle is the use of the characteristics of cold intolerance of fat through about 4 to 5 degrees Celsius of therapeutic hypothermia devices, will be sent to the frozen waves of the site want to lose weight, such as: waist, abdomen, back, and so downright fat, cold The fat will self-apoptosis through the body's natural metabolic process, gently removed from the body, completely without external intervention, a course of about an hour, can do 2-3 times, each time interval of about 2-3 months, usually the average Single can be reduced by nearly 22% fat.
Many women worry about the postpartum body sculpting, and let a good body will not only wear loose clothing to cover the fat, the same as the mother of Huang Jingxin physician, also post-natal relaxation and prominent belly troubled, had eaten meals to lose weight, a lot of movement, etc. way, lower abdomen that is not thin down, accept the course of two weeks after the frozen fat soluble, Huang Jingxin physician's belly was significantly smaller, embraced her husband when he says: "Wife, you more attractive it!"
Artists Kounai Xin production led to marriage because of fear the body deformation, "life plan" to suspend for a long time, frozen in the experience of dissolving fat treatment, the abdomen, waist curve more evident, Kounai Xin said: "The frozen fat soluble non-invasive treatment, painless feeling , tea time meal can be as long as body sculpting, with the "sitting thin" secret weapon, I am very happy to welcome three of the world! "experience along with her husband Mr Wong frozen fat soluble after treatment, and shouted:" waist more to the more obvious! "Although Mr Wong did not love handles, but much waist power and charm, they are now actively carrying out plans made man, vowed to have children next year.
Pengxian Li physician reminded systemic obesity, pregnancy, cold urticaria, and sensitive to low temperature refrigeration, which are not suitable for dissolving fat treatment, recommended treatment of freezing and melting fat before, subject to assessment by the physician, patients must develop good eating habits and regular movement, in order to maintain the best therapeutic effect.