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2013年2月5日 星期二

Weight loss tips - Auricular way to lose weight


Auricular weight loss, weight loss methods, weight loss tips
Chinese medicine is that the ear is not a single isolated auditory organ, but as a whole, it is closely linked to the meridian organs.
The physiological functions of the body organs can be adjusted by pressing Auricular. Experiments showed that stimulation of the lymphatic vessels, blood vessels, nerves, and other combinations of the ear

The nerve path together, plexus Youyi nerve formal to internal organs, spinal cord and brain after

Can lead to improvements in organ function role. The vast majority of patients in the clinical before eating or hungry press Auricular alleviate hunger

Inhibition of human stomach digestive function, after treatment, the general feeling of the body easily, and weight loss.

Auricular weight loss, weight loss methods, weight loss tips
Practice confirmed that the Auricular weight loss is a simple, effective way to lose weight.

Weight loss commonly Auricular positioning and Indications and function of

(A) of the hypothalamus is located on the inner side of the tragus, the center line of the lower end. This hole is a senior central autonomic, sympathetic, parasympathetic, visceral activities and physiological activities regulatory role; regulate body temperature, feeding, water and electrolyte balance, endocrine and emotional reactions.

Commonly used in the treatment of obesity, narcolepsy, edema, endocrine dysfunction.

(B) the excitement of acupuncture points on the inner side of the tragus, 1/3 midline. Some excitement to this point of the cerebral cortex. For the treatment of narcolepsy, nocturia, obesity, endocrine dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, Zhu Zheng.

(C) endocrine located in the notch at the bottom of the concha cavity near Ping. This hole can regulate endocrine function, for the treatment of endocrine dysfunction caused diseases, such as obesity, hyperthyroidism, diabetes and so on. Can also diuresis swelling, caused by endocrine dysfunction for the treatment of edema.

(D) the ovary screen between notch outside and on the inside edge of the tragus. This point is to treat irregular menstruation, annex inflammation, infertility, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, etc..

Commonly used ear VI way to lose weight

(A) ear press law

One way 【acupoints] lung, spleen, kidney, triple burner, endocrine; Distribution Point: liver, stomach, Shenmen, subcortical, hunger point.

【Methods】 each main point with discretionary selection of 2 to 3 with points. Operation, the first in Auricular parts of the skin with 75% alcohol swab. Chinese medicine king does not stay in line put in 0.82cm zinc oxide tape center, put pressure on the selected points. 4 to 8 times Zhu Huanzhe daily Meixue pressing each cavity 5 minutes, and for the degree of micro pain.

Affixed with a pressure of 6 days for a rest day and then affixed to the second pressure. 4 times for one course.

Efficacy Peng's method has been applied to the treatment of 959 cases of obesity, weight loss of 3 to 4.5 kg in 260 cases, reduce the more than 5 kg and 92 cases, 36.6%; reduce the 1.5 to 2.95 kg and 372 cases, accounting for 38.7%; the invalid 235 cases, accounting for 24.6%. The majority of patients appeared satisfied that the reduction and weight loss in the 1 to 2 courses, few appear in three to four courses weight loss, individual 5-6 treatment efficacy. Work lies in the accurate selection of points, time to press the point.

Second method 【acupoints endocrine, brain, lung, stomach, mouth, hunger point.

【Methods】 auricular the pressure Vaccaria seed. With thumb and forefinger twist the weight of gas, indwelling 2 to 3 days, the next replacement, 10 times as a course.

Efficacy the Lu method has been applied to the treatment of 1000 cases, results of weight loss of 2.5 kg more than 448 cases, the reduction of 1.3 to 2.5 kg for 353 cases, invalid 199 cases, efficiency 80.1%.

Weight-loss tips with points, no more than the following aspects.

(1) adjust the endocrine system: endocrine disorders caused the fat patients, the choice of the endocrine, cerebral point, uterine, ovarian and other points.

(2) increase the excitability of the body: sleepiness excited hole, the amount of points can be used to improve the body's excitability, and decreased sleep.

(3) reduce intake: appetite, hyperactivity optional the hypothalamus, hunger, thirst, and other points, to reduce food intake.

(4) increase the excretion of: for stomach heat then knot patients, the choice of the lung, kidney, ascites, large intestine, small intestine, triple burner hole, in order to increase the large urine excretion.

(5) can be selected according to the patients obese site, buttocks, abdomen and other points.

Auricular weight loss, weight loss methods, weight loss tips

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