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2013年2月2日 星期六

Your way to lose weight - lose weight why invalid

Weight loss methods, weight loss, weight loss does not work

Fact 1 even if the moment getting thinner, and will resume after the original's size, that is, the so-called complex fat.

Fact 2  your weight loss methods, only concern at the moment of body weight and body size, and there is no "continuing" practice "life does not get fat".

A real understanding of the causes of obesity
In fact, the problem lies in the body fat, in medicine has also clearly define "obesity", shall state "the excessive accumulation of body fat.
Reduce body fat is your primary goal to maintain a healthy and ideal body.

Your health and ideal body goal

Should not be placed in a "thinner", and to the pursuit of life "does not get fat.

Life three key fat

1 to develop non-fat eating habits

More than two activities to increase energy consumption

3 to create a large number of calories the body used in everyday life.

"Do not get fat life" ten key points:
1.Accordance with breakfast 3 meals, lunch, dinner proportion, not to gain weight.
2. Chew each bite thirty times, and not gain weight.
3 by steamed rice and garnish separate "packages eat", and do not get fat.
Before going to bed two hours after dinner, do not get fat.
5. Quit the habit cold drink, do not get fat.
Do not ingest too much sugar, fat, and not get fat.
7. Plenty of sleep, do not get fat.
8.Not cumulative pressure, do not get fat.
9. Diligent activity, do not get fat.
10 every day than it is now more than a thousand steps away, do not get fat.

Weight loss methods, weight loss, weight loss does not work

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