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2013年3月5日 星期二

3 tips to lose weight

Weight loss, weight loss tips
1. Increased eating numbers:
In control during the daily intake of all food, if you always feel hungry, may wish to increase the number of eating. For example, breakfast does not once finished the morning to eat half the morning to eat half; lunch at noon and do not once finished, eggs, soup and vegetable salad example the remaining half in the afternoon to eat.
 tips to lose weight
Add more cellulose:
If you average daily intake of 25 grams of cellulose, will greatly increase satiety. So you will not feel hungry, can suppress your desire for high-calorie junk food and supplement cellulose. What foods are rich in cellulose.? Needless to say, of course, fruits and vegetables, in addition you can also buy a number of commercially available cellulose beauty Yan Baojian products edible.
3. Chewing gum before lunch:
Area associated with the habit can irritate your jaw nerve, this nerve and your brain responsible for satiety, so chew chewing gum before a meal, can make you easier access to satiety lunch .
Weight loss, weight loss tips

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