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2013年3月2日 星期六

Thin lacing operation weight loss methods:3 Monthsto lose weight 10 kg


Weight loss methods, weight loss, stretching operation, stretching operation to lose weight

Order to lose weight you have ever tried bananas hungry stomach, etc.? Suffering, but still complex fat? To lose weight, your every meal calories preoccupied only know to eat less, but forget the "fat burning" real thin.

1 Japanese weight loss doctors Sato, MD, weight loss guidance based on past experience, over the years of scientific data exclusively developed completely in line with scientific and rational "diet back stretch, so you do not have to fasting, also without intense movement, not to spend any The money will be able to successfully slimming.

2 back lacing weight loss theory
Work fatigue, sedentary temporarily to rest, relax and do not think of action, and will feel that this posture is ugly? People have this idea, and now you look at it in a whole new perspective. In fact, the "back stretch" Let us rediscover the important instinctive action of a healthy body.
Fat, people will get sick, 90% because of autonomic nervous system disorders caused. The spine is like a human tissue connected to the highway, and important nerves firmly attached on due to humpback lead to curvature of the spine, it will force the autonomic nervous system, triggering the symptoms of digestive organs discomfort, constipation, menstrual pain, easily tired.
Back muscle deterioration, "basal metabolic rate" will be reduced, resulting in difficult to burn body fat. , Hump makes abdominal stocking fat slowly toward the road of obesity.
Erector spinae located surrounding the scapula is to support the muscles of the upper body, covered with a brown fat cells can promote fat burning, which is called benign fat cells. , White fat cells is so fat stocking "malignant fat cells.

As long as the regular activities of the erector spinae, exercise more muscle to burn calories, and that can be a lot of secretion can break down body fat, growth hormone, stimulate brown fat cells, promote fat burning to play a slimming effect. Not only the spine becomes straight, the body will restore vitality and health.
Stretching the back is equivalent to stretching the spine, spine several autonomic ganglion distribution the back lacing operation precisely can relieve neck and back oppressively, prompted the autonomic nervous system to restore normal movement.

BLD as long as one minute, an appetite suppressant, easily thrown fat waist, less fat!
Weight loss methods, weight loss, stretching operation, stretching operation to lose weight

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