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2013年5月12日 星期日

Family weight loss diet control method


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1.Selected high-fiber low-fat: Select high-fiber vegetables, brown rice with low-fat, high-protein tofu, fish, chicken breast, low-calorie and nutritious aid digestion.
2.Cooking halogen-based: the cooking process to add oil, steamed than boiled, boiled less than stew halogen, halogen stew barbecue, fry; Do not eat fried, so eat a tablespoon of oil.
3. Mining first prime meat: eat a tomato, half an hour before a meal can increase satiety; Then eat salad or vegetables, preferably with warm water or broth, meat, and finally eat starch. That is low in calories and eat, eat, and high-calorie food will not eat much.
4 hot tea to greasy: meal can be prepared hot tea or hot water, too much greasy food over the water, can significantly reduce heat.
5 under 20 per port: 15 minutes after eating, the brain will receive a "food the digestion" signal, and one hour to take digest blood glucose, the brain have a sense of satiety, so eat every bite chew more than 20 under swallowed throat.
Eat seven full: eat seven full will not cause the burden of gastroenteritis, of longevity, studies have found that centenarians daily calorie intake to 77% of the elderly in general.
Immediately after a meal station: the postprandial best stand for half an hour, abdomen and stomach in a standing state, the absorption of nutrients will not stay in the abdomen and stomach, to avoid the accumulation of fat in the lower abdomen or wake up and walking 15 minutes, you can also prevent postprandial rapid accumulation of heat.
 weight loss ,diet,weight loss method

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