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2013年5月22日 星期三

Lose Weight

Lose Weight,Lose Weight tips


Learn about the importance of diet and eliminating processed food is essential. Foods you eat every day to see the damage done to his body, and high success rate.

Food is very good

We have a protein shake as a snack, adding a couple of times a week, change your lifestyle, making it difficult to buy enough protein. 150 g of protein per day to lose weight - Do you want to be close to 100g.


It is essential to your success! If you have 50 grams of carbs per day once the body wants to get into ketosis. The purchase, to look at the urine ketosis sticks record. It is much more energy rather than the body to burn fat and carbohydrates in weight loss.

# 47 chicken sausages sausages very normal.

Eating avocados.

Beef. I'm partial to grass-fed cattle, and if I see you. But any lean cut like you. The steak is often known as a former heavyweight champion of the mechanism of shell style lightly fried in a pan with olive oil and grill done.

Sugar (including artificial sweeteners). Especially around the abdomen, many when it comes to diet gained weight, diabetes is the number one culprits. You should look for some basic foods - sodas (even diet soda) - sweet tea and juice (orange juice, apple juice, etc.) - processed foods.
Lose Weight,Lose Weight tips

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