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2011年10月20日 星期四

Taiwanese girls love to eat to lose weigh

Taiwanese girls love to eat to lose weigh

Taiwanese girls love to eat to lose weight were, most people are concerned, the first step to lose weight, quit eating starch is first class! But now there are nutritionists say, this concept is actually wrong, do not eat rice as a diet, but will Yuejianyuefei Oh!

Taiwanese girls love to eat to lose weigh
 Liu Yi says Adventist Hospital nutritionist, eating rice can have "three good", good body, good color, good physical strength! However, the rice is carbohydrates, rice also contributed to the general public the impression, always feel too much sugar, fat is the reason.
 Does sugar but rice outside, there is no other benefits? Liu Yi Lane said, girls do not eat rice in order to lose weight, in fact, only the more reduced the more fat, because the rice sugar, sugar is good, can accelerate the body's metabolism and help weight loss greatly, "rice is rich in dietary fiber, but also B group, can help the body metabolism, the girls color also becomes better. "
 Liu Yi also recommended in girls, eat brown rice mixed with white rice, a bowl of rice in dietary fiber, but double the celery, if you eat a bowl of plain brown rice, celery and more dietary fiber content than 3 times!
 In order to get rid of all misconceptions for the rice, Taiwanese Council of Agriculture held the first open competition to run one hundred rice restaurant, press conference chairman Preston Chen also cook fried rice, they call for people to eat more rice, but also got groups Hao angle Xiang up as spokesperson. Like to eat from the said Ho Kok Cheung, very nasty girls around, in order to lose weight do not eat rice, ruined body.
 As the angle Xiang Hao put together from time to time, to go to work in many countries, tasted international cuisine, but in the end, still feel the best Taiwan rice to eat. Do not see Hiroko, Xiang go lean thin body, they called each other a "big eater", said: "They are days of regiment, we are balls!"
Taiwanese girls love to eat to lose weigh

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