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2013年3月13日 星期三

Diet to lose weight


Weight loss, diet, weight loss, weight loss recipes

Diet weight loss and common exercise to lose weight that wears a comparison to more quickly, but poor diet, lose weight, when it is easy to affect the health of the body. Science-based weight-loss diet. Set speed lean diet recipes to help you lose weight in the short-term success.

Afternoon: a small bowl of rice, fried potatoes, green peppers silk, raw cucumber purple buds soup.

Night: boiled shrimp (only a few), bean curd, salad raw onion, celery buds.

Monday food are more light, Apple is the main weight loss in this recipe, because the satiety Apple both good, and also helps the stomach to digest, Apple is also rich in vitamins, body detoxifies big help, so Monday's light diet recipes make weight loss program is carried out smoothly.

Weight loss, diet, weight loss, weight loss recipes

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