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Weight loss cheap milk off to eat


Soy milk Juice Fasting

Weight loss, cheap milk off to eat

Because of the many benefits of soy milk, such as the U.S., Europe and even Japan Weight Watchers used to drink milk, drank soy milk, and developed milk juice drinking soy milk with fruits and vegetables to fight together, drink soy milk drink for decades Taiwanese people's eyes, and perhaps a little subversion of the traditional, but the reporters try to drink and found the taste is not bad, worth a try.

The milk juice origin: the earliest invented by Europe and the United States, introduced to Japan via the magazine, the results of the popular. The soybean saponin astringency because the Japanese afraid of soy milk, do not drink sugar-sweetened beverages, but soy milk with fresh fruits and vegetables labeled as juice only drink soy milk nutrition intake of fruits and vegetables, but also a wealth of fiber ; The most important thing is that both fruits and vegetables taste the sweetness and flavor of soy milk, weight loss is easier to continue.

Case 1, a Japanese mother postpartum obesity, weight loss several thin down to see the magazine presentation soy milk Juice Fasting, decided to give it a try. Her milk with carrot, cabbage dishes of fruits and vegetables to fight together, the taste even accidentally consistency, despite the onset of the first day, fresh off very hungry, but she choked back drink eat sugar-free barley tea the next day accustomed to the feeling of an empty stomach, do not feel uncomfortable all day to drink milk juice, results next night, lost 1.5 kg; hang on until the fourth day at noon, a full weight lost 4.5 kg Chest completely smaller.

Case 2, another experimental Wang said try to drink the taste of soy milk juice is very fresh, very important to control the light and shade, played too strong feel a little sick, played too thin, satiety and not enough support The night felt very hungry, if you can not help but eat completely break the boil over the past three days at least two kilograms of lean.

User eliminating: have seen friends asked, why drink a lot of milk a day, or not slim down? In fact, if you drink milk and eat other food, really no way to rapid weight loss. Japanese invented the milk diet, to emphasize 3 days drink soy milk juice, cut off from other foods, in order to quickly thin under 4.5 kg, If you do not want to be so hard, can also soy milk juice instead of 3 meals a meal, a thin about 2 kg.

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