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2013年8月15日 星期四

Cups lose weight

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This method is the founder of successful weight 20kg, Sun Yu-Na, disposable cups were poured her a cup of carbohydrates, protein, 1/2 cup vegetables 1 cup, and then move to make poor appetite blue plate consumption, so that the normal three meals a day while eating to lose the 20kg.
According to beauty network coverage, Sun Yu-Na said: "You can not eat carbohydrates diet common sense is wrong," "Adequate intake of carbohydrates can play to prevent overeating, prevent muscle breakdown effect."
Disposable cups diet specific operations:
As long as there is a paper cup (small cups around 200cc, general supermarkets sell). Every morning and afternoon to eat 2.5 cups 2 cups of the amount of the evening is the amount. 4-5 pm at snack time 200cc cup of low-fat high calcium milk orange (or equally large fruit).
Load cups of food should be careful not to beat a very natural clip inside (Do not be greedy, the pressure is flat full glass Oh). Morning and afternoon the required ratio is 2.5 cups: 1 cup cereal 1 cup vegetable protein 0.5 cups. Cereals (carbohydrates) selectable grain rice try to avoid white rice with brown rice or potato sweet potatoes instead of rice to whole wheat bread instead of white bread. 1 cup of vegetables in green vegetables such as: celery, broccoli, etc., of course, can also add some red carrots.
There proteins, only intake of 0.5 cups of Oh!
Choose less fats such as animal protein: beef, chicken and white fish muscle. Of course, the ratio is too high animal is not good occasionally have to choose something. Vegetable protein: eggs, tofu, beans and so on.
Finally, all the food used to move within a blue plate. Why do you want to place a blue plate? Seeing Blue can reduce appetite.
The amount is two cups at night, while the proportion is: cereals (carbohydrates) 0.5 cups 1 cup vegetable protein 0.5 cups.
Of course, the best is the one day intake of 1200 kcal.
Although there are important food therapy diet combined with exercise, but still want to Oh! Successful weight loss method using paper cups friends say if you can persevere, then, usually around 2-3 weeks, you can cut 6-10kg or so.
Finally do not forget to rate Oh!
Breakfast and lunch are 2.5 cup = 1 cup of cereal 1 cup vegetable protein 0.5 cups.
Dinner 2 cup = 0.5 cups of cereal 1 cup vegetable protein 0.5 cups.
Snack around 4-5 pm calcium milk fat orange one (or equivalent large fruit).

Do not ignore the food ratio.

Supermodel girl group Nine Muses, all of them have a pair of legs, they also adopted the original cups diet, the rice poured into paper cups, paper cups rice does not exceed 2/3 of the remaining 1/3 part to eat some vegetable-based dishes.
Nutritionist, said cup diet is derived from the concept of "container" narrow, you can reduce the feeding component. Most people would have to use as long as the bowl into a small bowl, put deep bowl into a shallow bowl, also eat a bowl of rice, it is possible to reduce the 1/4 calorie intake, virtually eat 70 calories, and therefore, the concept is The. However, the South Korean women's team cup diet low calories is the biggest problem, another problem is the nutritional imbalance.
If a meal to eat a 250cc cups, of which only 2/3 of the rice, 1/3 of the dish, heat may be less than 800 calories all day long, even the general activity of the people are too low, they are more difficult to support the required music and dancing stamina.
Currently spread among various recipes Korean girl group, experts believe that diet meals girlhood relatively safe and feasible. Popular day mission "girlhood" mainly brown rice, chicken breast, salad, vegetable sources of three meals a day to maintain intake of 1,200 calories.
Experts said that while this menu staple whole grains, and low-fat protein, but also vegetables, relatively balanced.
As for the heat, although the amount of activity in terms girlhood, 1200 calories may be low, but in general if not needed Taiwanese women walk around all day outside the business or labor group, probably in 1200 calories to maintain weight loss, plus a fruit.
South Korean girl group "Secret", 3 meals places bananas, sweet potatoes, milk, tofu-based. Experts believe that the potato as a staple food, easy to produce satiety, there are also high in fiber, the public can also occasionally used. As for bananas though sweet, but it will not let blood sugar soaring, glycemic index (GI value) is not high, is also a good selection of fruit.
Past studies, these fruits also guava, kiwi and tomatoes, usually can match. To remind part is that the regiment might consider dancing strength needs, choose a high calcium low fat milk.

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