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2012年11月19日 星期一

Lose weight too fast fatty liver

● independent of fatty liver and fat, thin, and metabolism, lose weight too fast, too hard, causing metabolic disorders or barriers, it is easy to get into the fatty liver
● do not pay attention to fatty liver, can lead to steatohepatitis, followed by 30% to 50% in 10 years into the irreversible liver fibrosis, cirrhosis
Hong Kong actress Miriam Yeung, who hit a one month postpartum successful weight loss of 36 pounds of the mythology. Entertainment star talked about "order on the mirror look good, vigorous exercise plus the devil dieting, a thin one ten pounds eight pounds," "Secrets," has long been secretly circulated among the people, not only the bride and the United States and the United States in order to take photographs or wedding willing to dehydration downsizing, more and more young girls advocating since "no staple diet. Gastroenterology experts have warned that too hard to lose weight too fast, easily lead to metabolic disorders or barriers, which lead to fatty liver. General, the monthly average of 1 to 2 pounds of weight loss is considered relatively safe.
"No staple diet
"Hungry" fatty liver
Hong Kong girls Aying, since three years ago in order to marry the United States and the United States, begun to taste the "dehydration" weight loss results, weight loss addictive, and will eventually be identified as "no staple diet. Eying into the menu is absolutely not to staple foods such as rice, flour, meat is low in fat, fish, vegetables oligonucleotide oil and water Cheuk select only. In her lead, with the company more than a dozen female colleagues also joined the "non-staple" activities. Examination of the company in August of this year, has been said the body no leftover meat "Eying but received moderate" fatty liver "Laboratory Diagnostics, a number of follow colleagues have received varying degrees of warning.
The doctor pointed out that the common the overnutrition type of fatty liver, these "non-staple" dieters suffer from malnutrition, fatty liver, which is due to the lack of mechanisms for nutrition, especially protein and calorie intake, leading to liver metabolic disorders cause, which is to say, "hungry" from fatty liver.
Body fat
Retention in the liver due to
Obviously in weight loss, body fat reduction, and why it has drawn fatty liver?
The study found that when the body is chronically hungry, the body is unable to obtain the necessary glucose and other energy and fat burning oxidase.To compensate for the lack of glucose in the body, other parts of the body will store fat, protein utilized up into glucose. These fats, proteins are converted into heat through the liver "transit station". So a lot of fatty acids into the liver, plus body lipid metabolism and lack of the necessary enzymes and vitamins, causing fat retention in the liver, causing fatty liver. The same time, the weight loss lead to inadequate intake of nutritive elements, which affect the human body protein and phospholipid synthesis, leading lipoprotein lack. The glucocorticoid steroid secretion increased the lead to a large number of free fat is released into the blood, more than lipoprotein transport capacity will be deposited in the liver, caused by malnutrition, fatty liver.
Fatty liver generally reach a peak incidence in men 40 years of age, but the incidence of young women is the "dark horse". "Lose weight too fast too ruthless high degree of risk." Said Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital, Department of Gastroenterology, director of sand Weihong, dehydration time consecutive twelve days without food or drink to lose weight, or eight or ten days of crazy exercise, diet, occasionally possible liver can be restored. However, if regular, the liver naturally no way to bear, appears a variety of metabolic disorders. She believes that the monthly average of 1 to 2 pounds of weight loss, but still with a balanced diet and adequate exercise. -->

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