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2012年11月20日 星期二

O-blood type diet


Weight loss, weight loss methods, lose weight, and the principle of the blood type diet, O-lose weight

The blood type diet is a natural therapy, up to lose weight, reduce weight and slow down the aging.

Blood type diet is by Peter, depending on the blood type, its unique individual blood cell aggregation occur in situations such as necrosis, while obesity is the same if you eat foods for your blood type, there will be obese problem, so, through the blood type diet allows you to understand their characteristics.

When the correction eating food, you can reduce the weight, the body naturally thin.

O blood type in anthropology is a very ancient blood type, digestive capacity, the immune system has made ​​of the food surplus the recipes lack of animal protein, such as meat and fish, their vegetables the ability to digest is also very strong.

Suitable for food: beef, lamb, fresh cheese, tofu, onions, radishes, sweet potatoes, apples, grapefruit, grapes, pears, watermelon, peaches, cod, herring and blue and white fish such as northern waters of the production of containing fat more the fish most worthy Recommended.

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