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2014年4月29日 星期二

4 steps to lose weight - weight loss methods

4 steps to lose weight - weight loss methods

Weight loss , diet , weight loss 4 steps

Amount equal to one cup of sugar-free milk fish, beans, eggs, class Oh !

Reader comments I have come to realize that so many people like me will make the same mistake it!

Because the relationship between meat and fish eggs, beans, beans misguided view that all are counted here

Oh, in fact, not only are counted in soy products like meat and fish eggs, beans and other beans mung Lee what even the Black Eyed Peas ( Hey !

Are counted in the staple food Oh ! ! Remember I said whole grain right ! ! ! Review once again what whole grains

Brown rice, purple rice, oats, oatmeal , buckwheat , wheat, barley , barley , corn, red beans , mung beans , flowers beans, sweet potatoes, taro,

Potato , lotus root , lotus seeds, chestnuts , chestnut , yam and other corn with which they are yams and vegetables can easily be mistaken to be careful Oh !

1 # summer bath with cold water , hot water washing after the winter to cool

In fact, much of the beauty witch who heard almost no hot water bath

After 2 # body lotion massage bath use

Showered coated latex from high school , I started this habit will develop a

Originally savory taste just like lotion

3 # sports finished as hot bubble bath

Full body movement must be thoroughly dirty hot bath to clean pores of dirt to

If possible, soak in hot water is not only a continuation of the movement for better finish high metabolic rate

4 # to take advantage of the timing of the movement finished cast products compaction and drainage

Paowan went exfoliating bath when the pores open presumptuous best time is to wipe slimming products

I think things can wipe light burning fat is simply nonsense

Weight loss , diet , weight loss 4 steps -->

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