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2014年4月27日 星期日

Black Bean Diet - Diet beans notes

Black beans to lose weight, lose weight, lose weight

After the encounter with black beans quickly transform into a super guy !
Korea 900,000 users competing forward and try to make a successful diet whopping

Black beans rich in dietary fiber to promote digestive prevent constipation

In South Korea , " black beans diet " has long been popular , the effect is the use of black beans to help improve blood circulation , edema, and rich in dietary fiber. According to the U.S. "Live Strong" Health website states that almost no black bean itself saturated fat content , and the black beans soluble fiber can extend satiety , thereby controlling blood sugar levels, reduce insulin secretion, thus avoiding the accumulation of fat stored in the body .

In addition , black beans rich in dietary fiber can also accelerate gastrointestinal motility, promoting digestion, 18.2 grams per 100 grams , which , crude fiber representing 5.4 grams. For easy constipation , " abdominal poo " who may wish to moderate intake.

Black beans are rich in protein , providing good metabolic power

Proteins are the main source of energy for the body , and black beans in protein content equivalent to three times the eggs , milk, 12 times per 100 grams of black beans , accounted for 34.6 grams of protein , 32.3 grams carbohydrates , 11.6 grams of fat , and the fat almost all of the unsaturated fatty acids.

Difficult to digest raw beans , 2.5 tablespoons per day

Raw beans contain trypsin inhibitors reduce protein absorption and utilization ; However, this ingredient as long as after cooking , it harmless to humans . In addition , black milk soap toxins and anti-trypsin , raw prone to nausea , vomiting, bloating, abdominal pain , diarrhea, dizziness and headache , boiled for 5 minutes before it can be destroyed.

Unable to restrain appetite , difficult to sustain the movement , resulting in eleven years , he has experienced , tried dozens of diet but still have not been effective
"I am cursed physique , I was not only the case for life on ? "
He once thought hopeless case
But since met black beans
It is full of nutrients that point and full satiety
Since then he let out a family of greedy delicious
The fresh beans are rich in fiber and swore he was leaving the stool and back into a face full of elasticity and vitality
Not just a fat , even annoying acne, scalp itch it all disappeared
Black bean diet is so amazing !
You, what are you waiting for ?

Just 4 Easy Steps :
A breakfast to eat steamed beans and tofu
2 lunches note intake GI Index
3 . Dinner is half the normal food intake
4 3 times a week , every 30 minutes walking

On the positive person , within a short period of four months on from 105kg lean into 54kg, successful weight loss 51kg!

Special diet manual , so you carefully record every day diet and exercise

Black beans to lose weight, lose weight, lose weight -->

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