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2017年10月18日 星期三

[8:16 weight loss method]-You would be weighting loss by 4 kg when after breakfast and dinner fasting 16 hours in 8 hours.

[8:16 weight loss method]-You would be weighting loss by 4 kg when
after breakfast and dinner fasting 16 hours in  8 hours.
What is 8:16 weight loss method?
With David Zinczenko's "The Eight Hour Diet",advocated three meals a day before the push in 8 hours to complete for example, your first meal is eaten at 11 noon, then your last Meal must be finished before 7 o'clock. And three meals a day to eat what can be, and no restrictions, but the rest of the 16 hours can not eat, can only drink water, and the best to drink more than 2 liters of water, and keep fasting.

The principle of The Eight Hour Die is in the fasting of 16 hours, the stomach will digest the food, the energy into metabolism, reduce fat accumulation. 8:16 diet law, do not diet, limit three meals in 8 hours after eating, the rest of the time to be fasting. (istock) Japan has a program to introduce this weight loss method, found three were 20,30 and 40-year-old woman, in two weeks to carry out the 8-hour weight loss method, and the results of three women's weight has changed.
Eating before going to bed slow down raw metabolism?
Registered nutritionist Gao Zhixin means, in fact, how much calories a day intake of food, is the main reason for the impact of stature. The relationship between meal time and fat is not too big. Although the more close to sleep time to eat, easy to make the metabolism slow, but will not lead to short-term fat. However, older age, it is easier to have obesity problems arise. The opposite of a balanced diet, control the weight of food and calories, as well as moderate exercise, the effect is more effective. -->

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